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Is the Higher the Precision of DTF Pet Film Printer, the Better?

DTF pet film transfer printer

Accuracy is related to the DTF printing effect.

I guess most people think that the higher the printing accuracy, the better, but it is not. We choose a DTF pet film printer mainly to see our own needs. If it is mass-produced, mid-to-low-end products do not need such high-precision equipment. If it is a customized product, of course, the higher the precision, the higher. Because after all, the higher the precision of the DTF pet film printer, the better the printing effect.

What should you think about the DTF film printer?

Pay attention when choosing the precision of the DTF shirt printing machine. It is not that the higher the printing precision, the better. Because printing accuracy and printing efficiency are two opposing factors, the higher the printing accuracy is, the lower the printing efficiency will be. Printing higher-precision product patterns will definitely reduce printing efficiency, which is an unchangeable rule of equipment operation.

Enterprises can choose equipment that can meet the printing accuracy of customers according to different fabrics and different needs of customers. Generally speaking, fabrics that are similar to finer and smoother fibres have higher requirements for precision. Such as silk, chiffon and so on. Fabrics with coarser fibres require less precision. Such as canvas, sweaters, and so on. Enterprises can adjust different printing accuracy according to printing different fibres.

Absolute advantage of it.

The number of colors in the DTF printer with the shake powder machine is not limited, and the length of reproduction is not limited. So you don’t need to make a screen, saving a lot of time. In addition, pattern design and change can be carried out on the computer screen, and color matching can be carried out with the mouse. There is no cost for making screens, which reduces time and printing materials, reduces labor costs, and one person can manage two devices, which greatly reduces labor costs for the enterprise.

DTF film printer machine

Future Prospects for DTF Printing

The emergence of DTF printing will meet people’s individual needs to the greatest extent. The majority of fashion designers, they can give full play to their creative talents. Design samples can modify arbitrarily on the computer, and the effect on the computer is the effect after the finished product. After the customer is satisfied with it, it can be directly produced. In this sense, the emergence of DTF printing technology will drive a new market and stimulate a new round of consumer demand. And SUBLICOOL DTF printers can also get more room for development.

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