Is the quality of DTF printing good?

DTF printer

DTF printing has a great impact on the garment printing industry, updating the graphic creation of clothing for the digital era. Today, designers and manufacturers can create digital art and print it on PET film and transfer it to clothing. In short, DTF printing is becoming more and more important for the development of garment printing. But many of us are still confused about the quality of DTF printing?

In fact, the real situation is that the advantages of DTF printing outweigh the disadvantages. The transfer printing process can ensure that the printing quality is maintained. In addition, the color fastness is guaranteed. The design is published on paper first, and then on the fabric, so that we can guarantee the printing. Before releasing it to the fabric, we can check the printing on the paper, which can reduce the printing defects on the fabric. The printing quality is good and the appearance is beautiful. The design can be pasted on the fabric without paper-cut. The design on the fabric can be washed hundreds of times without damage.

In addition to good quality, DTF printer is easy to operate and learn. It is very suitable for small and medium-sized enterprises, saving labor and money, environmental protection, and avoiding waste and pollution. DTF ink compatible with all popular DTF printers and Epson print heads (such as i3200, xp600). These inks demonstrate the perfect color and fabric properties.

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