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Is UV LED Printer Still The Best Option?

UV LED printer

UV LED Printer is also part of the UV industry and is hot in the UV industry. He uses UV transfer stickers for transferring, which we call previously pressure-sensitive stickers. The principle of this machine lies in the printing of designed patterns and text on a special release material, which is then transferred to a film. Finally, the film is used to bring up the design to be transferred to the surface of the intended object. This is how it is produced. At present, the hotter production processes on the market are screen printing, screen and digital mixing, UV LED printer, and digital spray adhesive.

What are the advantages of UV DTF printers?

UV DTF printer has some attractive features. For example, it can produce in small batches without having to worry about costs. In addition to the clear effect of printed text and patterns, it is also scratch and rub-resistant. The advantages of UV printers are very similar. And this machine is in curved situations, for packaging, logos and irregular surfaces with special shapes. Whereas conventional flatbed printers do not work on cylindrical surfaces.

The wide applicability of UV printing:

The difficulty in making crystal stickers using a UV DTF printer is the consistent level of craftsmanship. However, in terms of labour, environmental protection and personalization. UV DTF printer has a clear advantage over screen and transfer processes for the production of graphics and text for crystal imprints. It performs well, especially on irregular material surfaces. For example glass, metal, wood, aluminium, etc. However, it is worth noting that some food-grade products such as tableware, hot water cups and soft leather for clothing are not suitable.

Will UV DTF printers replace traditional UV flatbed Printers?

Some people say that UV DTF printers can completely replace UV flatbed printers. This is not reliable or absolute. From the current state of technology and the general needs of customers, mass production of labels is still not suitable. In addition, as labelling relies on human intervention, there are technical errors that make it unsuitable for some products with strict standards. So each product and each UV printing process has its own areas of application and limitations.

UV roll to roll printer


UV DTF printer offers a wide range of advantages. Not only in terms of the accuracy of the finished resolution but also in terms of durability and longevity. UV DTF printers can produce high-quality prints in high-definition colours and remain ideal for the industry as it is faded and wash-resistant.

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