laser cutting machine




Laser cutting machine is that successfully transplanted the design elements and structural concepts of medium and large machine tools into the product’s R&D,design and manufacturing process-unique micro-point positioning cutting,two-point positioning Multiple recognition methods such as cutting,automatic extraction of contour cutting,etc.

Equipped with special CCD lens,ensure the cutting accuracy of the whole plate, no leakage phenomenon,fast recognition, high cutting efficiency.

Automatic double-head camera positioning series for the sake of the user, automatic capture positioning cutting machine,The incision has no loose edge and no deformation, The dimensions are consistent and accurate:Multiple layers can be simultaneously cut arbitrary complex shapes. High efficiency low cost perfect effect,Can be designed and manufactured at the same time.

laser cutting machiner
Model parameterLaser cutter, Engraving machine single/double head series
Laser typeLaser CO₂ laser tube/(Radio frequency laser )Rf laser
Laser power80W/100W/130W/150W
Engraving area600*400/900*600/1000*800/1200*800/1300*1000
Engraving speed0-1500mm/s
Cutting speed0-800mm
Repeat accuracy±0.05mm
Exercise systemCNC control system
Cooling methodForced water cooling protection system
Total power1250W
Operating Voltage220±10%50Hz(60Hz)
Operating temperature0℃-45℃
Working humidity5%-95%
Controlling softwarezhiyuan laser software
Total Weight200kg/230kg/270kg/290kg/320kg/340kg/360kg/380kg

Product Advantages:

1)High Efficiency Laser Tube, easy in cutting.

2)Advanced DPS Controller, makes smoother cutting process.

3)Precise Linear Guide Way, high speed and precision,strong load capability and rigidity.

4)Stepper Motor, ensure high -speed and high -precise implementation capability.

5)Many Optional parts to meet different demands.

6) Simple structure in linear type, easy in installation and maintation.

7) Adopting advanced world famous brand components in pneumatic parts, electric parts and operation parts.

8) High pressure double crank to control the die opening and closing.

9) Running in a high automation and intellectualize, no pollution

laser cutting machiner
laser cutting machiner

1.Outstanding cutting cross section, high precision, good stability, satisfying the process demands of precision parts. Dynamic performance is stable, able to work for long time.

2.Capable of cutting both non-metal and metal, able to cut stainless steel, carbon steel, acrylic and wood, etc.

3.Laser cutting head with auto focusing system. Laser cutting head automatically adjust its height along the metal sheet surface, ensuring the focal length keeps the same all the time. Smooth cutting edge, no need polishing or other further handling. Flat and wavy steel sheets can be cut with this machine.

4.Mainly used for the engraving and cutting of little artistic works.such as engraved portraits,badges,breast cards and various engraved packages.It can also engrave little artistic ,seals and crabs.

5.By making groves on the machine structure, the machine strength has been improved and the size of machine is more preciser than before.

Products Applications:

Applicable Materials:

Stainless steel, carbon steel, galvanized steel, acrylic, plywood, MDF and other materials


Application Industries:

Advertising industry (stainless steel and acrylic), sheet metal industry (carbon steel), packaging industry (plywood), arts and crafts, awards and trophies, paper-cutting, architectural models, lights and lamps, electronic appliances, photo frame and album, garment leather and other industries

laser cutting machiner

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