Printing patterns, images and trimmings onto materials is a type of frivolity that is more normal in the material business than the cowhide area. Where calfskin is printed, it is generally for totes or names. Printing can be done by screen printing, sublimation printing, UV printing and that’s just the beginning.

UV printing innovation bonds the inventive ink with the actual calfskin, taking on its regular surface and toughness. Your designs will not break or strip, allowing you to try different things with illustrations, text, logos and more to give a rewarding customisation administration in this as of now extravagance field.

Hardwearing and adaptable, calfskin has been utilized for clothing, footwear and furniture for centuries. Calfskin has consistently been an exceptionally important material. Utilized in the creation of some top of the line style and stylistic theme items, cowhide turns out to be considerably more important in case you’re ready to customize it with logos, examples, workmanship, and text.

Applications Of Leather Customization


Product Used in This Case

Ultra-thin 45gsm Sublimation Paper

New generation 45gsm sublimation paper, instant-dry, pushing well beyond the boundaries of ink drying.

Suit for high-speed industrial plotters and single-pass printers with Kyocera heads and matching sublimation inks.

Especially designed for sublimation onto fabrics used in the fashion and home decor markets.