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Lets talk about the 2023 DTF Printing Machine

dtf printing
dtf printing

DTF printing also called direct to film printing. This technique involves printing your design directly onto a film and then transferring it to a T-shirt. Which made of cotton polyester, or their blends, regardless of their colour, as it can work with white ink.


DTF t-shirt printing machine uses PET transfer film which is translucent, you can see the design underneath the film when you later heat-press it onto the garment. The PET film has a thickness of around 0.75mm which allows for better transfer characteristics.


Let’s see what need you prepare:

Textile inks: textile inks prevent the print from cracking when stretching the garment after printing.

DTF pet film: DTF pet film is a semi-transparent film resistant to high temperatures for transfer on various media. These films are different from those used in screen printing.

DTF powder: Its a formulated for use during DTF printer . DTF Station adhesive powder is a crucial part of any DTF print pipeline. Cover your DTF Transfer media with this powder to allow for optimal press. it acts as an adhesive between the inks and the garments.

RIP software: Its necessary to print CMYK and white-coloured layers correctly.  Because as mentioned before, the printer has been modified and wouldn’t be able to print in the correct order by itself.

Heat press: Press press machine with an upper platen that lowers vertically to make the DTF film’s curing process easier.

dtf t-shirt printing
dtf t-shirt printing

What PET Fim Printing Machine Allows You To Create?

T-shirts. T-shirts is the most common items created by DTF pet printing.  Always in high demand, T-shirts can be made for a variety of purposes from schools to sports to other organizations.

Pockets on hoodies. Printing on a T-shirt may be easy, but when you want the design on the pocket of a t-shirt or the front pocket of a hoodie sweatshirt, DTF print machine can help you print on these hard to target areas of garments.

Shorts/pants. Not much different from T-Shirts and other apparel. DTF print machine allows logos and designs to be printed on shorts or pants.

Bags. DTF can print on tote bags, fanny packs, purses, drawstring bags,

Hats. From baseball caps and trucker hats to other styles, hats can be difficult to print on without damaging them so DTF print makes it possible to print logos and designs on hats with challenging shapes.

Printed tags. Many apparel companies are opting for printed tags on the inside of their clothing products. DTF printing is one way to achieve this.

and many other types of bags.

Flags/Banners. DTF printing doesn’t have to be limited to wearable fabrics. Other items like flags, banners, and tablecloths can be printed on, for events and fairs.

Koozies. Another non-clothing item that is extremely popular for printing is koozies to keep canned and bottled beverages cold.


Its great to choose dtf printer for designs that include intricate details and different elements. So if you’re interested in a printing technique that allow you to expand your product offering, you can consider using DTF printer business. Our sublicool can provide you different high quality DTF printing machine.

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