Make your own canvas bag with heat transfer!

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With the vigorous development of the cultural and creative industry, and its simplicity, versatility, and retro-style characteristics, canvas bags have become one of many popular accessories for literary and artistic small and fresh!In the process of canvas bag printing, thermal transfer technology does not need to go through the process of opening mold and plate making. It can directly pass through the machine and use the principle of high temperature and high pressure to transfer to the finished product, which greatly improves the work efficiency. And in terms of quality, the color saturation is good, bright and firm, even after multiple washings, it is not easy to fall off!

In addition to the practical storage function and the visual effects of various colorful patterns, what are the uses of the canvas bag printed by thermal transfer?

1.Advertising Marketing

When many companies conduct image exposure, sales promotion, and exhibition activities, they will choose canvas bags for customized printing products as small gifts to the people at the scene. It can also print the brand LOGO, which is the best tool for building popularity!

2.Remembering Friendships and Preserving Good Memories

At different stages of life, you will meet different friends, and in the process, the ups and downs experienced together are only understood by each other. Therefore, in order to preserve this exclusive memory, canvas bags are custom printed products, which are one of the popular choices for many people to commemorate friendship, because the photo of both parties can be printed on the bag, even when traveling, shopping, and going to work. You can take it with you all the time, forever maintaining this hard-won relationship.

3. Show personality  good helper for storage

Regardless of gender or age, everyone in their life will need a custom canvas bag for outings, dinner parties, and daily purchases, because in addition to holding some essential items, such as wallets, mobile phones, and keys, It can also create a personal dressing taste and show the most attractive attitude towards life!

After reading the canvas bag printing methods and application fields introduced above, I believe that many people will want to print their own canvas bags! Sublicool has nearly 13 years of professional printing experience, providing professional maintenance, teaching guidance, online customer service and other services, allowing you to have the best customized experience and create a personalized and unique style

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