No Skeletonization Hot Stamping-Transfer Film Printing Details

Transfer Film Printing is a very simple printing process, and the percentage of the printing market is also quite high. Today SUBLICOOL digital printing machine manufacturers to give you a detailed explanation of how the hot stamping printing process, hot stamping pattern print out the steps.

transfer film printing machine
transfer film printing machine

1. Typesetting:

The most common print film width on the market is 60 cm, the commonly used layout software is cdr, can also be directly in the ps layout. You can row a kind of picture, can also be mixed with other pictures. Arrange a good picture, export into png picture or ps picture. Because of the printout, it is recommended to choose CMYK mode when making pictures.

2. Use PS software to add white DTF Printing ink channel to the picture:

Use PS to open the transparent bottom file of the platoon. Hold down the ctrl key, use the mouse to click on the layer board graphic thumbnails, get all the graphics of the selection. And then in the menu column select the menu below the modification of the point in the expansion, pop-up interface fill 1 or 2, the selection will be slightly enlarged a little bit. In the upper left corner of the channel panel, select the new spot color panel. Then stored as a tif file with spot color (that is, white ink) channel.

3. Adjust the parameters:

Open the tif file with maintop, adjust the printing parameters, the output print file. Because different manufacturers are not quite the same, here do not do too much about it.

4. Print:

With DTF printing machine configuration of the printing software will print out the picture. This hot stamping machine should be equipped with at least two nozzles, a nozzle spray white ink, a nozzle spray color ink. Printing process, the printer first in the special release printing film first print color pictures, and then print a layer of white ink on the color pictures.

5. Shaking powder machine sprinkle hot melt powder:

Sprinkle a layer of hot melt powder on top of the white ink, after sprinkling the white ink will be stuck on top of a layer of hot melt powder. The blank place should be shaken clean, DTF printer with powder machine will have a shaking action. So some people also call this hot stamping process called shaking powder hot stamping. Finally, the hot melt powder is dried in the powder shaking machine.

DTF printer machine for shirts
DTF printer machine for shirts

6. Pattern transfer:

Use the press machine to transfer the hot stamping pattern to the clothes or other products can be completed above the whole hot stamping process.



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