Pet Film Heat Transfer Printer Keep Clogging Up The Ink?

Why does our Pet Film Heat Transfer Printer keep clogging up the ink? On the effect of ink on printheads.

Does the ink have a big impact on the printhead? Obviously, it has been cleaned many times, but every time you print it doesn’t take long to get clogged again? There are many ways to cause printhead clogging, such as the use of poor-quality ink. The printer’s working environment is dusty or the printhead is not cleaned can lead to clogging of the printhead.

dtf printer for t-shirts
dtf printer for t-shirts

Choose high-quality DTF transfer ink:

Ink for the printhead is a very important consumable, high-quality ink can maintain the printhead. While poor-quality ink will damage the printhead. If you use poor-quality ink, due to the ink viscosity is too high will cause the ink in the ink tube sticky. Resulting in insufficient ink supply, not enough ink, especially in winter this phenomenon is more prominent.

Ink viscosity is too low, the ink is too thin, inkjet speed is fast, ink sprayed on the cloth will be reflected back to the nozzle, resulting in ink deposits in the nozzle. But also lead to nozzle clogging, so inkjet printers to choose high-quality ink is very important.

direct to film printer for t-shirts
direct to film printer for t-shirts

The last thing you need to pay attention to is the drastic change in temperature and humidity on the printhead and ink damage caused by the printhead after the clogging. So the printer is also quite important to the temperature of the working environment.  SUBLICOOL as a high-quality direct to film printer for t-shirts equipment manufacturers, ink and other consumables are also very high-quality supply for your DTF equipment to supply the best quality ink.

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