Pet Film Printer For T-shirts Can Substantially Improve The Clarity?

Pet Film Printer For T-shirts printing products are rich in color, natural transition, clear pattern. t-shirt hot stamping printing accuracy of a substantial increase in the high definition. DTF printing effect so that hot stamping printing textiles into the image of the production has become possible. So that designers can break through the limitations of the traditional textile printing technology, give full play to your imagination. Let any pattern printing can be perfectly shown.

Pet Film Printer For T-shirt
Pet Film Printer For T-shirt

T-shirt hot stamping printing is the most important thing to focus on is the printing effect.

Whether the printing is clear, whether the color is full. The quality of the hot stamping and the level of washability. This is to choose a garment T-shirt hot stamping printing machine is the primary concern. SUBLICOOL digital T-shirt hot stamping printing machine unified selection of Epson’s printheads, precision is very high, print all the products can be presented in a perfect effect, like a pattern pasted on the top of the T-shirt as clear and realistic.

Transfer film printing machine printing quality, is first reflected in the printing accuracy, followed by the stability of the equipment.

So printing accuracy of the hot stamping machine. The main nozzle precision, the higher the precision of the nozzle, the clearer and more delicate the printed picture. Digital white ink hot stamping printing machine. It uses Epson I3200 printhead, precision 3200DPI, beautiful colors, gradient colors are all perfectly restored.

A3 DTF pet film t-shirt printer
A3 DTF pet film t-shirt printer

Hot stamping printing is suitable for many different materials, such as cotton, nylon, and leather. In addition to clothing fabrics, it can even be applied to the surface of different materials, luggage, shoes, school bags Its existence will also greatly expand the scope of your printing business and apply your designs to different areas.

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