600 DTF printer

Do you know the prerequisites for DTF Printing?

DTF printing does not require you to invest a lot of money. Whether you are engaged in traditional printing and want to switch to DTF printing, or want to get involved in digital printing from DTF printing, you need to prepare the following items.

600 DTF printer

1.Direct to Film Printer  Most of these printers are basic 6-color ink cartridge printers. This printer was chosen because these 6 colors bring great convenience to printing. CMYK DTF ink can go into standard CMYK ink tanks, while the printer’s LC and LM ink tanks can be filled with white DTF ink. In addition, the rollers used to slide the pages have been removed to prevent “liners” from appearing on the white layer printed on DTF film.

2.PET Films  PET film is used in DTF printing process. These films are different from those used in screen printing. They have better transferability. In the printing industry, it is usually called DTF transfer film. DTF films are available in two forms: cutting sheet (which can be used for small-scale use) and roll (used with commercial devices). Another classification of PET films is based on the type of stripping after transfer. Depending on the temperature, the film can be a hot peel film or a cold peel film.

3.Software  Software is an important part of the whole printing process. The printing characteristics, the color performance of the ink and the final printing performance transferred to the fabric are all affected by the software. For DTF, a special RIP software that can handle CMYK and white is needed. Color configuration, ink volume, droplet size, and other factors that help optimize print results are controlled by DTF printing software.

4.Hotmelt Powder  DTF printing powder is a white adhesive material. Its function is to bond the colored pigment in printing with the fiber in the fabric. DTF hot melt powder is divided into different grades in microns, and the appropriate grade shall be selected according to the requirements in printing.

5.DTF Printing Inks  These are specially designed pigment inks available in Cyan, Magenta, Yellow, Black and White. White ink is a special ingredient that creates a white undertone on the print and prints colored patterns.

DTF ink

6.Automatic Powder Shaker  The Automatic Powder Shaker is used in DTF setups to apply the powder evenly and also to remove the excess powder.

7.Heat Press Machine  The heat press machine is used mainly for transferring the image printed on the film on to the fabric. It can also be used to heat the hot melt powder on the DTF film. The method of doing this in stated in the process detailed below.

If you pay attention to the above 7 points, I am sure you will print a perfect work with DTF printer.

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