Epson F series ink chip

EPSON SureColor F Series Compatible Chips

This ink chips can be used to replace a faulty chip on a defective Epson cartridge. Can be reset with a chip resetter. 

Ink chips Features:

  • Stable one time use chip.
  • Great price and quality.
  • Have the same Original chip’s function,100% compatible.
  • After installing this chip, user can use third-party ink freely , and save printing cost.
  • Durability: long term durability.

EPSON SureColor F Series Ink Chips Parameter:

Ink Chips CodeOEM Ink Chips NumberColorContentRegionFor Use In
Epson SureColor F6000/F6200/F6330
Epson SureColor F7000/F7100/F7200/F9200/F9300/F9370
T7411T741100BK1000mlEpson SureColor F6000/F6070
Epson SureColor F7000/F7070/F7100/F7170/F7200/F9200
T7412T741200C1000mlEpson SureColor F6000/F6070/ F6200/F6330
Epson SureColor F7000/F7100/F7070/F7170/F7200
Epson SureColor F9200/F9300
T742XC13T742X80HDK1000mlCHNEpson SureColor F6080/F7080/F7180/F7280/F9380
T7421C13T742180BK1000mlCHNEpson SureColor F6080/F7080/F7180
T46D8T46D8HDK1100mlEUREpson SureColor SC-F6300 
Epson F2000
T7261T7261BK600mlCHNEpson F2080
T46F1T46F1BK1100mlCHNEpson SC-F6380
Epson SC-F9480


It is the printer cartridges that have print-heads built in that usually have chips or circuitry on them. Primarily in this type of cartridge they are used so that the printer can communicate with the built in print-head and are necessary for the printer to work. As well as this they communicate other things to the printer such as ink levels.

Epson Surecolor F Series ink chips


Q:  What is the purpose of the ink chip in Epson printers?
A:  The ink chip in Epson printers serves multiple functions. It communicates with the printer to monitor ink levels, authenticate genuine Epson ink cartridges, and ensure proper ink usage.

Q:  Can I use third-party or refilled ink cartridges with Epson printers?
A:  It’s technically possible, Epson recommends using genuine Epson ink cartridges to ensure optimal performance, print quality, and to maintain warranty coverage. Some printers have systems that authenticate genuine cartridges through the ink chips.

Q: How do I check ink levels on my Epson printer?
A: Most Epson printers display ink levels on the control panel or through software on your computer. Check your printer’s user manual or navigate to the printer settings on your computer to find information on ink levels.

Q: Are the ink chips reusable?
A: Epson ink chips are typically designed for one-time use and are integrated into the ink cartridge. Attempting to reuse or manipulate the chip may result in inaccurate ink level readings or printer errors.

Q:  Why does my printer not recognize a new ink cartridge?
A:  Ensure that you have installed a genuine Epson ink cartridge compatible with your printer model. If the issue persists, check if the cartridge’s ink chip is clean and properly aligned. Contact Epson support if problems persist.

Q: How do I know if my printer uses ink chips?
A: Most modern Epson printers use ink chips to monitor ink levels. Check your printer’s documentation or contact Epson customer support to confirm whether your specific model utilizes ink chips.

Q: Are there security features associated with ink chips?
A: Yes, ink chips contribute to the security of the printing system by authenticating genuine Epson cartridges.

Q: What is the warranty?
A:  We provide 18 months warranty of all our chip product.   1:1 replacement if the quality problem is caused by our manufacturing.