Epson dx5 Printhead

Epson DX5 Printhead

High-Quality Brand New Original Dx5 Printhead F186000 For Eco Solvent Printer.
Epson’s fifth-generation nozzle, integrated nozzle, with 8 rows of nozzles, 180 holes in a single row, 1440 nozzle holes in total, and the minimum nozzle hole is 4PL.

Ink Type: Solvent ink.
Technology: Micro-Piezo.
Native Resolution: 1440 dpi
Nozzle row: 8 rows


Features of Epson DX5 Printhead

DX5 Printhead

High efficiency

Good quailty

Easy to install

Stable performance

Epson DX5 Printhead

Variable Printing Technology

The print head's unique wave size connection variable printing technology can solve the horizontal pattern caused by the PASS channel of the picture, and the image is vivid.

Nozzle FDT Technology

When the inkjet volume of a nozle hole is reduced, it will immediately get a frequency conversion signal, thereby opening the nozzle hole and greatly extending the service life of your machine.

Ink Drop Variabl Technology

Variable ink drop technology 1.5PL-21PL will do.

Piezoelectric Inkjet Technology

Using piezoelectric inkjet technology, the width of the inkjet printer nozzle is 24.5mm, each nozzle has 8 rows of nozzles, each row of 180 nozzles, a total of 1,440 nozzles.

Epson DX5 Printhead Parameter

Product nameDX5 Print Head
Epson print head other modelsDX5 F186000 printhead,DX5 F160010 printhead,F187000 DX5 printhead
Ink typeSolvent ink
Width x depth x height (mm x mm x mm)106×497×417
Weight (g) 97
Quantity of quality mouth (piece)1440
Distance between nozzles (inch)180
Number of nozzle rows 8
Maximum number of ink colors supported8 colors (180dpi/color)
Resolution 180npi1 column 360dpi2 column
Effective printing width (mm) 25.4
Injection frequency (kHz)43 (single point) 140multi
Ink drop volume (pl)3.8-7-14-22
Corresponding ink viscosity (mPas)4~5

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