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Select DTG Digital Printer Or Not?Pros And Cons?

DTG t-shirt printing

Have you ever thought about printing directly on a t-shirt? DTG digital printer and DTF can do this. But there are various factors to consider when deciding which printing project will ultimately do the job. For example, the complexity of the design, the budget, the consumables and so on.

As one of the most widely used methods is DTG printing, becoming more familiar with it will help you understand the market.

What makes DTG t-shirt printing more popular in the printing world?

1. Low setup costs

DTG has lower setup costs compared to traditional screen printing. That’s why minimum order quantities start at 1. So it is also possible to undertake even a T-shirt with your favourite design.DTG printers are computer peripheral inkjet printers. So just open the customer artwork in the rip software and print it on the t-shirt easily. Whereas with screen printing, there are a lot of steps and it is very costly.

2. DTG is easy to operate

Other printing techniques may require the use of templates, vinyl cutting, and other abilities that many people do not have. But DTG printing is different, with DTG t-shirts all you need to do is upload the design, insert the t-shirt, set the parameters, and air dry or tumble dry.

3. DTG’s superior product quality

DTG’s printing technology can accurately print complex multicolour products. The precision and fineness of the printing technology are commendable, and colour printing patterns are not a problem. There are some prints that cannot be printed on dark-coloured clothes, DTG and its consumables can solve this problem. Durable, premium and affordable quality for industrial-grade garment printing.

4. Environmental friendliness of DTG

DTG is more environmentally friendly than thermal sublimation and screen printing. The new technologies created for this purpose are also more environmentally friendly.

5. Innovations and technological upgrades

The dual-station DTG printing machine is designed to increase printing efficiency. While regular DTG is one piece at a time, this dual station type is twice as efficient as regular DTG digital printers.

DTG digital printer

Little drawbacks of it:

  1. Requires pre-processing

Dark-coloured fabrics need to be pre-treated. Acts similar to painting drywall, by stopping the ink from sinking quickly into the fabric to avoid mixing.

  1. Fabric limitations

Requires a cotton content of at least 80% or more. Fortunately, the cotton content of today’s t-shirts is relatively high and there are few difficulties with DTG printing.

  1. Not suitable for mass production

Although the DTG printing business is suitable for small-scale production, it is not suitable for mass-production orders. Mass production requires mismatched time and labour costs. It is not cost-effective for longer production runs.

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