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Some Moves That Will Hurt DTF Printer Heads

DTF printer

The print head of a DTF printer is a very precise component, which may cause problems such as blockage if you do not pay attention to it. In this article, we will discuss several behaviors that can cause print head damage.

1.Use inferior DTF ink

Use inferior ink and switch the batch and ink supplier at will. Poor quality ink will not only affect the color and quality of printed patterns, but also damage the print head of large format DTF printers. In extreme cases, it may immediately cause irreparable losses, such as nozzle blockage. Users should use ordinary high-quality ink or ink recommended by relevant manufacturers. Sublicool DTF ink has high color density, bright colors and good smoothness. The printing nozzle will not be blocked and bleeding will not occur after printing. So you don’t have to worry about friction. Our white ink is colorless and has strong hiding power. These DTF inks are suitable for different DTF films, and the finished clothing will not remain oil stains.

2.Improper use of DTF printer cleaning fluid

Although prolonged immersion in the cleaning solution may help remove stains, soaking the print head in the cleaning solution for more than two days may cause damage. In general, we should not immerse the nozzle for more than 30 hours. In addition, immersion of the entire nozzle in a cleaning solution is not recommended. Since the print head contains many electronic components and most cleaning solutions are corrosive, care must be taken when immersing it in water. You can soak the relevant part or pour enough cleaning solution into the nozzle for cleaning. When cleaning the nozzle, pay special attention to waterproof the circuit board and any exposed electrical components.

3.Regular operation of cleaning nozzle

Regular cleaning of the print head is also ineffective. On the one hand, it wastes a lot of ink, on the other hand, it also affects the print head of DTF printer. It is generally recommended that the nozzle be thoroughly cleaned once a month.

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