Some problems often encountered in DTF printing

Direct to Film Printer

In the process of DTF printing, we always encounter some difficult problems. In this article, I will choose some problems that often encounter in the DTF printing process  to solve.

Q1:The printed files is layered and looks intermittent. The printed parts are incomplete and completely together. Why?

A1: The coating of DTF PET film is not good and cannot leave enough space on the coating surface; Another possibility is that the print head of the printer is blocked.

Q2: Sometimes the printing result shows that the ink is diffuse. Why?

A2: The ink proportion of PET film is too heavy. Different DTF PET film coating surfaces are suitable for different ink proportion settings. Another possibility is that the printing surface quality of DTF PET film is poor.

Q3: The printed ink diffuses badly. Why?

A3: When printing, the user does not distinguish the correct printing surface, or the PET film coating is not good.

Q4: The pattern cracks after baking. Why?

A4: The baking temperature is too high or the baking time is too long.

Q5: After a few days, the baked PET film seeps. Why?

A5: The PET film is not completely baked, or the baked PET film is exposed to the air and absorbs moisture in the air. Another possibility is ink quality.

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