Some wrong operation of digital printing machine


Many customers who do printing are gradually using sublimation digital printing machines or preparing to buy them. However, some customers do not understand how to operate when they have just adopted it, resulting in unreasonable actual operation and equipment damage. Today I’ll share with you some things you can’t do about digital printing machine. We must remember.

1.Brute force regulating nozzle

As a key component in the sublimation inkjet printer, we should not only protect it, but also maintain the nozzle in the case of daily application of equipment. If the application of external force is not standard to adjust the nozzle position, it will cause the nozzle damage and can not work normally. Therefore, whether it is to replace or adjust the nozzle, it is not necessary to use recklessness. Please treat the nozzle carefully according to the standard.

2.Soak and clean the nozzle for a long time

If the equipment does not work for a long time, although soaking the nozzle in the cleaning solution can more reasonably eliminate the dirt, the cleaning solution has certain corrosion, and if it is soaked for a long time, it will also cause harm to the nozzle itself. Therefore, generally only add an appropriate amount of cleaning liquid into the nozzle to complete cleaning or soaking in a short time.

3.Use fake and inferior ink

Many customers will try to use other brands of ink after using the ink brought by the manufacturer. In that way, if they are not careful, they will buy fake and shoddy ink, which will not only lead to the actual effect of printing, but also continue to block the nozzle. Therefore, when we buy ink, we must find a well-known brand.


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