Sublimation printing solution to create unique camping equipment

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Summer has come. In such a hearty and comfortable season, people’s idea of getting together on holidays and outdoor activities is becoming more and more active, and camping activities are becoming more and more popular with young people.

Do you want to bring new products to customers? Do you find that you can provide customers with many sublimated products in camping activities?

1.camping tent

Most camping tents are made of nylon or polyester cotton. This material has strong tensile force, bright and smooth color, is not easy to fade, soft texture, durable, strong texture, is not easy to mold, and will not be eaten by insects. Low moisture absorption, no hardening when frozen. It is the most widely used material at present.

Heat sublimation printing scheme is the best choice for polyester fabric printing. This solution perfectly copies the desired pattern onto the fabric. Keep the original permeability of the fabric, and it is not easy to fade in case of water. You can print the brand logo on the tent through thermal sublimation printing, or you can customize the exclusive pattern for customers. This kind of personalized service is pursued by more and more consumers.

2.camping blanket

Camping blankets need to be waterproof and sand proof. They are made of polyester fiber similar to tents. So you just need to figure out what to print on the camping blanket. It can be repeated on small characters, such as food, leaves, flowers… It can also be a simple grid pattern of various colors. No matter what kind of pattern, thermal sublimation printing can help you finish.


When camping, it is very pleasant to sit by the campfire and chat with friends, or sit on the open lawn and watch the stars, or just sit by the quiet lake and feel the nature. At this time, there is a big and soft blanket to make you more comfortable and warm. In production, you can choose some warm patterns to print on the blanket, which can make your product more popular. You can also add names, photos of friends or sports team logos to your customers to make them unique this fall.

4.stainless steel camping cup

Personalized stainless steel camping cup is the perfect choice for enjoying delicious drinks. Smooth stainless steel cup with steel handle. Through sublimation, you can decorate them with your imagination. Camping cup provides durability for outdoor use and is the perfect fun item to create a festive atmosphere!

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