1.9m dye sublimation printer


Model: S-1904E
Print Head: 4 EPSON i3200 Print Heads
Max Print Size: 1900mm Print Width.
Max Print Speed:  180m² / h
Ink: Dye Sublimation Ink, Pigment Ink
Media: Transfer Paper, Poster Paper
RIP Software: Maintop, Photoprint, Neostampa, Onyx, etc.


During high-speed movement, it can effectively reduce the resistance and noise during the operation of the ink car, ensure the smooth operation of the guide rail and lower the noise. The advanced intelligent nozzle cleaning and moisturizing device has the effect of long-term closed moisturizing and automatic cleaning, and the operation and maintenance are more convenient.


Machine Parameter

PrintheadTypeEpson I3200-A1
Head propertyAuto-clean and moisturize
ColorC M Y K
InkKindSublimation Ink
Moisture ModeAuto-capping Pump Moisture
Printing Size1900mm
Printing MediaSublimation Paper
Media TransferAuto tension taking-up media device
Drying MethodExternal,inntelligent and air-heat integrated drying system
Moisture ModeFully sealed auto moisturing and cleaning
RIPMaintop6.0, Photoprint, Onyx, Wasatch and NeoStampa and etc.
Image FormatJPG,TIF,PDF,BMP and etc.
ComputerSystemWIN7 64bit/WIN10 64bit
HardwareHard disk: 500G(system disk more than 100G)
GPU: ATI Discrete
Memory: 4G or more
CPU: Intel i5/i7 processor
Transmit PortGigabit LAN
Standard Configurationinntelligent and air-heat integrated drying system,Liquid level alarm system
Work EnvironmentTemperature 18-30 centi degree;  Humidity 35-65%
PowerInput Voltage210-230VAC  50/60HZ  10A
Printing system1200W
Drying systemMax power 7200W
DimensionPrinter Dimension3180*1100*1700mm
Packing Dimension3380*1130*1790mm

Wide Applications

A wide range of printing digital equipment to meet the needs of industry customers, flexible planning for different printing and dyeing industry customers.

Printer Details

Chinese Leadshine Motor

The two-way Leadshine brushless motor has higher accuracy, smaller length error and more stable performance.

Two-level Ink Supply System

Adopt two-level ink supply system, continuous printing for a long time to ensure the output quality of the picture.

THK Mute Guide Rail

Using Japanese THK mute linear guide rail imported from Japan to effectively reduce the resistance and noise during the operation of the printer.

Large Capacity Ink Reservoirs

Four units of 3L super large capacity ink reservoirs provide ink independently and continuously, which guarantees the long-term continuity of ink output.

Intelligent Air-heat Dryer

Intelligent air-heat integrated dryer, two-stage heating, middle warm air and smart start-stop technology, ensure the drying performance and more energy-saving at the same time.

Germany IGUS Ink Chain

Imported Germany IGUS ink chain,high quality, to ensure the good completion of printing work.

Fluororubber Pressure Roller

US fluororubber pressure roller prevents static electricity from flying ink, prints more accurately and rejects wrinkles

Specially Designed Car

The position of the print head can be adjusted according to different printing medias, and anti-collision devices at both ends to give the print head more comprehensive safety protection.

Ink Starving Alarm

Ink Starving Alarm

Ink starving alarm is equipped to remind operator to refill ink timely.

Intelligent Take-up Unit

Intelligent Take-up Unit

Support max 1000m media loading.There is swing shaft with sensor bar which can provide constant tension.

Original Epson Printhead

Original Epson Printhead

4 Epson I3200-A1 printhead,2 pass speed can reach up to 170㎡/h.

Liftable Capping Station

Liftable Capping Station

Advanced head clean and moisture unit,easy to operate and maintenance.Auto or manual mode can be selected.

  Working Process:

  1. Print the picture on special paper on a thermal sublimation ink printer, and select mirror printing
  2. Put the printed picture on the transferred object to determine the specific location
  3. Place the object flat on the flat plate of the hot stamping machine, the cloth shall not have wrinkles, the picture shall be placed in the correct position of the transferred object, and the temperature and time of the hot stamping machine shall be set
  4. As soon as the time comes, lift the pressure handle up, take out the transferred object, tear off the backing paper, and you can see that the bright pattern has been transferred to the object
full sublimation printing

Incredible Overall Value!

1 Year Warranty

Non-artificial damage can be warranty for one year

Professional technical team

Perfect after-sales service system,strong R&D team,professional technical team

digital printing

Factory Directly Supply

Double guarantee of quality and price, directly factory supply

Sublimation Starter Kit

Starter kit pack, including sublimation paper (sheet 1), sublimation ink (sheet 4), and the user's guide.


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