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DTF Printer VS White Toner Printer

DTF Printer VS White Toner Printer

Are you thinking about how to efficiently deal with clothing orders? We will face some choices: DTF printer VS White Toner Printer Definition: We also call DTF printing direct-to-film printing, which means printing onto the film and then transferring it…

How to Fix DTF Printing Problems?

DTF printing problems

The DTF technique is getting more and more popular among the printing industries. Therefore, many customers will buy DTF machines to operate their own businesses, and they may encounter DTF printing problems. The following are some suggestions that you can…

What Is DTF Powder?

DTF Powder

DTF powder is a kind of adhesive for the heat transfer process. We also call it a hot melt adhesive that has been specifically formulated for use with DTF printing. And it acts as the role of pasting. Only by…