The key factors for the quality production of sublimation digital printing machine


After years of rapid development of digital printing equipment, the industry has transitioned from a growth stage to a mature stage. Generally, at this stage, the industry begins to stratify. There are high-quality enterprises that choose high-quality digital printing machines, and some are in the process of doing so. Low-grade quality, choose some “high cost performance” models, this article only discusses several key factors of high-quality digital printing machine:

1: The physical and chemical detection indicators of the fabric.

In addition to the fabric itself, in the transfer process, the main physical and chemical indicators come from the ink, related to the sun, dry and wet rubbing fastness, perspiration fastness, the current low temperature type disperse dyes The fastness to sunlight is common It is relatively low, so it will be difficult to make outdoor products, and there will be some problems in overseas transportation. The direct injection indicators of pure cotton perform well. In addition, the physical and chemical testing indicators are also related to the paper coating. Whether the paper coating is on the fabric Residual harmful substances affect the detection index of fabrics. So to sum up, the selection of high-quality ink and paper is crucial for digital printing production!

2: The fineness of the pattern.

Although digital printing is not limited by the pattern and color, many exquisite designs also bring challenges to digital printing. There are two aspects that affect the accuracy of the pattern:1.The accuracy of the nozzle, generally speaking, the accuracy of the nozzle should be suitable for high-quality orders, and it is variable ink drop printing;2.The flatness of the printing platform/paper transmission structure is mainly related to the continuous flatness of the paper on the printing platform. The unevenness of the paper will directly affect the printing accuracy and even cause color difference.

  3: Color consistency, which is related to print head, ink, software, and stand-alone production capacity.

First of all, the color difference performance of different print heads is different in printing. Whether the ink is stable or not, and whether the consistency is maintained will also have a direct impact on the color. Different choices of rip software , There are differences in color noise, color gradation changes, and color chasing, and the color consistency of single-machine production is much higher than that of multi-machine production.

4: Continuous productivity

digital printing orders generally have a pattern of thousands of meters, whether the ink is broken during the printing process, whether the retracting system is stable, and the retracting is neat, these factors are very important to the printing quality, which is also related to printing The factory’s product qualification rate, negative pressure ink supply, and degassing device ensure printing to the greatest extent.

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