Thermal Dye Sublimation Printer-Do You Really Know It?

thermal dye sublimation printer

What is a thermal dye sublimation printer? A thermal sublimation printer is a novel printing technology that transfers an image onto a target by means of high temperatures. And heat sublimation printing produces a more durable product due to the ink penetrating into the fabric. So they are less prone to wear and tear than traditional ones. And with its wide range of applications, heat sublimation printers are becoming increasingly popular.

How does a thermal sublimation printer work?

The process by which thermal sublimation works is different, and in fact, the principle is quite simple. So the ink is penetrated into the substance by vaporization. As the ink forms a permanent color bond with the surface of the object being printed. Thus, this makes the product more durable. While in traditional printing, the image is simply placed on the surface of the product, reducing the exposure of the image to the environment by fusing with the surface, which can easily damage the finished product.

Some general steps are as follows:

1. Firstly, using a dispersion die in gaseous form, print the image you have just created onto the sublimation transfer paper with ink

2. Cover the product just created with the transfer paper

3. Using a heat press, the transfer paper is pressed with heat and transferred to the finished product

4. the gas skips the liquid phase and becomes solid when it cools down at a later stage

5. This allows the image to remain clearly in the polyester fibre, producing a high-quality and robust product

6. It will not crack or fade after many washes.

What is the lifespan of a Thermal sublimation print?

The quality of the print and its maintenance are decisive factors in determining the lifespan of a wide-format sublimation printer. And the quality of the printer and the quality of the consumables will all have an impact on the final lifespan. Of these, the ink bears a very important responsibility. And the resistance to fading varies from ink to ink. The paper also affects the duration of the image. Heat-sublimation printing must be done on heat-sublimation paper, not on ordinary copy paper.

wide-format photo printer

Are thermal sublimation printers friendly to the environment?

There is a growing call for the protection of the environment. So more and more consumers are actively trying to buy more environmentally friendly products. So the question arises whether heat sublimation is environmentally friendly. SUBLICOOL upholds a sustainable approach and is strict with its inks and products. They always have specific environmental certifications, are sustainable, and meet high international standards.

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