Thermal Sublimation Printer – New in Printing Methods

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How does a thermal sublimation printer work?

The characteristic of a thermal sublimation printer is that he uses heat to vaporize the ink into a gas that penetrates into the substance. Since a permanent bond is formed between the ink and the fabric, the product is particularly durable. This will not be the case with regular screen printing, which reduces the fusion of the image with the surface, thus increasing exposure to the elements and durability as opposed to heat sublimation products.

What exactly does heat sublimation do?

The pattern is first printed on the heat-sublimation paper through a heat-sublimation printer. And then the transfer paper is heated with a heat press to transfer the image from the paper to the finished product. After the heat dissipates, gases skip the liquid stage and form a solid state on the fabric. This way, the image stays permanently in the polyester fiber, making the finished product more gorgeous and stronger. Even with multiple washes, the fabric is less likely to fade or split easily.

digital sublimation printer
digital sublimation printer

How long does heat sublimation fabric last?

The quality of the fabric itself and the aftercare both determine how long a heat sublimation print will last. The ink plays a big role in the quality of the fabric itself, as different inks have different fade resistance properties. Depending on the specific case, the ink can have a direct impact on the life of the print. Paper will also determine how long the image stays on, and it is important to use heat sublimation paper for heat sublimation printing. So that you can have a better print.

In addition to some of the consumables, the printer is equally important. There are various machines that can be bought at different prices. It is important to adapt the ink and the printhead to produce better results. In addition to this, keeping the image clean and properly handled will prolong the life of the print.

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