Thermal Sublimation Printer – What should I do if I have problems printing pictures?


Sublimation printing

When used for a period of time, the Thermal Sublimation Printer prints out images with signs of gradual change, in this case, what should we do? SUBLICOOL tells you that it probably has a lot to do with the structure of the device. There are times when there is a color difference, and there are times when there is less inkjet, plus the ink evaporation will be dry.

When a similar situation occurs, the first thing to check is the condition of the printhead. Check whether the printhead needs to be cleaned, and do a good job of cleaning in time. So as to avoid the problem of color loss. In the technology need to pay attention to professional skills, so that can reduce the possibility of color differences. This will also make the image clearer.

In addition to this, there is a simple method. In the actual operation to maintain a certain degree of humidity, if the ink dries quickly, as long as the corresponding relief methods, the color sense of the picture will be more intense. Of course, if more ink is added, the production cost will rise.

How to solve the ribbon failure?

First of all

The reason may be because of the excessive tension of the ribbon. We should adjust the position and angle of the stretching, and if it breaks, sew it immediately.


Sometimes the ribbon line is off the edge, or knot, we should open the printer cover, open the handle, in the end position of the ribbon cartridge back. And then turn on the power, and the dye-sublimation machine will automatically recover.

Dye sublimation printer



The failure of the ribbon drive wheel. The cause of this is the drive belt, you can adjust the position of the character chain. So that it does not produce friction. If it breaks, it should be replaced. The above problems, are some of the more obvious problems, that must be solved one by one as a matter of fact, in order to improve the status quo, and print quality products.

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