Three Ways You Can Test the Accuracy of DTF Printer For T-shirts

DTF-A3 printer

Printing accuracy is very important for customers who want to buy a DTF Printer For T-shirts. It is a point that needs to be examined carefully. Because the printing equipment with low precision prints out products with poor results, which can directly affect the manufacturer’s profits. So how to see the printing accuracy of a DTF printer, SUBLICOOL brings you together to understand.

1. print small letters to measure the accuracy

Say more than directly look at the finished product, no matter what model of printer, the basic condition needed to have is the printing accuracy. The test printing accuracy method can be 3 words (numbers or letters, etc.) printed on the DTF print film. Print clear, no ghosting not blurred for the qualified products, said the DTF printer’s high precision. If there is heavy shadow, the printer printing process has too much vibration, which is the structure of the irrational design. So that the printer head running force can not be well broken down to release caused by. Or other parts of this machine have a problem.

2. repeat the DTF shirt printing performance measurement

Repeat printing position set is not allowed, the scrap rate will grow. This time choosing a stable performance of the DTF printer is particularly important. Method: print tic-tac-toe, repeat printing 5-10 times. With 40 times magnification to see, if it is overlap, that the machine is highly precise.

DTF film printing machine

3. quadrilateral diagonal equal length

Print a rectangular border in the printer’s print format range, and print the completion of a ruler to measure the length of the diagonal is the same, according to the quadrilateral diagonal rule, if the diagonal is equal in length, then this is a standard rectangle. If they are not equal, then it is no longer a rectangle, it is a rhombus or trapezoid. That is to say that the printout of the rectangle has been seriously out of place, and the printing accuracy does not meet the requirements of the qualified.

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