Transfer Film Printer These Three Accessories Must Be Kept Neat!

DTF shirt printing machine

The principle of the Transfer Film Printer is to set a good drawing from the printer after printing. After the machine sprinkled with a layer of hot melt powder. Through the dryer heating solid color, and finally, no need to waste can use the press machine embossed on the clothes. This process is very easy to operate. The SUBLICOOL DTF printer is a good solution to the customer waste, engraving, tracing, and a series of cumbersome problems. And It doesn’t take long to finish the finished product, making personalized clothing production easier and faster through DTF printers.

Today, to give you a popularization of the working environment of the DTF printer to maintain. So the DTF printer is assembled with many large and small accessories. In the daily work we just will nozzle, guide and grating bar of the three parts of the cleanliness and hygiene can reduce a lot of problems.

  1. DTF Printhead:

The printhead is the core component of the DTF printer. And daily cleaning and maintenance must be extra careful. Regularly check whether the printhead around the accumulation of debris and timely cleanup. The trolley can move to the cleaning position, with a cotton swab dipped in cleaning fluid to clean up the ink residue around the printhead, so as not to affect the cleaning effect.

  1. Guide rail:

Every day after starting the power supply of the DTF printer. Let the cart back and forth a few times empty hit, the dirt inside the guide rail slider will be left on the guide rail, repeat a few times, and then use paper towels or cotton swabs dipped in a small amount of alcohol to wipe the stains. In addition, it is recommended that the use of lubricants every two weeks to maintain a guide rail. With a cotton swab dipped in a small amount of lubricant to wipe the guide rail, to ensure that the guide rail had flat lubrication. But also to protect the smoothness of the next use.

DTF film printing

  1. Grating bar:

This is also a lot of people easy to ignore a part, grating is a DTF film printer cart frame after a transparent film. Mainly play a role in positioning. If the grating becomes dirty, there will be print ghosting. Daily with a cotton swab dipped in an appropriate amount of alcohol to wipe, both sides should be clean. Do not use brute force.

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