Hoodies ? When it comes to hoodies, the first thing many people think of is sweaters. Sweater comes from the English version of SWEATER. In some coastal cities, older people know this name-thick knitted sportswear, long-sleeved sports and leisure fir, and the material is generally thicker than ordinary long-sleeved. The cuffs are tight and elastic, and the material under the clothes is the same as the cuffs. Next, let’s talk about the application, history and matching occasions of the hoodies on DTG printer.


A hoodie is a sweatshirt with a hood. Usually bring a drawstring to adjust the opening of the hood. Official explanation: A hoodie (also called a hooded sweatshirt or hoody) is a sweatshirt with a hood. They often include a muff sewn onto the lower front, a hood, and (usually) a drawstring to adjust the hood opening, and may have a vertical zipper down the center similar to a windbreaker style jacket.

The History

For centuries, hoodies have been considered part of men’s and women’s clothing. The name “hoodie” comes from the Anglo-Saxon word hōd (which is the same thing as “hat” in English). The style and form of this costume can be traced back to medieval Europe. The usual clothing of monks at that time included a large hood called a hood attached to a coat or robe. In addition, hooded cloaks and a kind of hat called Chaperon were also very common outfits among outdoor workers at that time.

The hoodles first appeared in Britain at least in the twelfth century, and it may have been imported during the Norman conquest of England. Hoodie began mass production for the first time in the United States in the 1930s. Modern hoodles were first produced by Champion in the 1930s, when hoodles were mainly sold to workers working in the severe cold areas of northern New York. The term “hoodie” became popular among the general public in the 1990s.

Sports Apparel
Sports Apparel

The Difference

The difference between the two is that the sweater is a pullover with no zipper in the middle. The hoodie has a zipper in the middle. The sweater is still more handsome, full of American atmosphere. Hoodie is more suitable for open wear, layering is more fashionable.

Since the hoodie went on the market, it has been loved and sought after by the general public. Regardless of the era, whether the textile technology has improved. The market share of hoodies has always been a very large proportion. Now the printing technology is changing with each passing day, and the living standards are gradually improving. People’s pursuit of fashionable clothing has reached a new height. It happens to be the era of digital direct-injection printing, and the emergence of DTG printer has solved the problem that thermal transfer is difficult to apply to pure cotton fabric.

The Material

The advancement of modern technology has made the production of hoodies simple and easy to obtain. The hoodies are made of various materials. There are lamb wool, pure cotton, polar fleece, as well as a blend of cotton and mulberry silk.

DTG printer can be said to be a universal printer in pure cotton fabrics. It can print on cotton T-shirts, cotton denims, and cotton hoodies. Today we are focusing on the application of DTG printer on cotton hoodies. Winter is slowly passing by, ushering in a warm and sunny spring. In the early spring season, there is a slight chill, this time to go out with a stylish and individual hoodie. It is like adding a spring color to spring. It also makes you more bright and moving.

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Trendy Hoodies

The Matching

We can wear our favorite hoodies at work and match styles. In recent years, workplace wear has become more and more diversified. By making good use of some skills or items, it is also possible to transform clothes that were originally “impossible” to wear to work into formal and fashionable OL styles. Hoodie and the so-called “formal” are basically difficult to equate. At this time, focus on the lower body. You can choose striped and checked trousers to increase the sense of professionalism. You can also wear chiffon trousers with tall and good texture, which not only fully conforms to the image of office workers, but also adds a touch Japanese atmosphere.

The invention of wide-leg pants not only benefits people with lower abdomen problems or lower body edema problems, but regardless of the seasons, casual matching is to wear a unique style of fashion sense, which is quite popular with female friends of all ages. If you wake up in the morning and feel lazy, can’t lift your energy, and just want to wear a comfortable day, then hoodie widened pants is a great choice! Like loose jeans and comfortable cotton wide pants, they are completely lazy like hoodies.

That’s right, this is exactly what Japanese girls often see on the streets of Japan, with an indescribable sense of cuteness. Usually, the long skirts matching the hoodies are mostly elegant chiffon or gauze skirts. Japanese girls who pay attention to small details will match with hoodies of various colors and shapes, and choose shoes with short boots or casual shoes to express a touch of femininity with a sense of leisure.

In addition, printed hoodies can be used as advertising tools. Whether it is to promote the band, cheer for the sports team, or use fashion printing to show the identity of the wearer, Sublicool can print on the zipper, kangaroo bag, sleeve and hood of the hoodie, which is a worry-free solution . If you are looking for a printing system with high color fastness and direct printing of fashionable photo documents. Then our DTG printer is your ideal solution.

Promotional printing can increase brand awareness. Today, you will find that these products are growing in demand from sports teams, fashion brands, and small businesses. If you plan to increase brand awareness by printing promotional items, Sublicool’s direct-injection printing machine and platen for garments are the perfect choice for you. Using Sublicool’s printing machine, you can directly print logos or brand images on bags, T-shirts, hoodies, sweaters and jeans!


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