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UV Printer Machine Need To Pay Attention To What Problems?

A3 UV DTF printer

UV Printer Machine is very popular nowadays. In the UV printing equipment, the white ink, pattern, varnish, etc. In order to print on the A film with glue in one go, and then cover the B film transfer can be done. We all know the basic process of UV label production, however, things are not so simple, want to print a superior UV label, you need to strictly control the quality, we need to pay attention to the following three points before printing:

First, the processing of pictures before UV DTF printing

The processing of pictures chooses the source file vector graphics, before printing to TIF mode.

Second, select high-quality white ink

In UV printing, the role of white ink is not trivial. White ink is an important factor in determining the three-dimensionality of the finished UV label. In addition to choosing a good white ink. But also accurate control of its thickness, high-quality white ink is smooth not block the nozzle, has full colour, has high whiteness not grey or blue high firmness.

Third, the choice and amount of light oil

UV label surface varnish to determine the strength of its gloss and feel. Therefore, in the choice of light oil should pay attention to, fast curing speed, good adhesion, colour and lustre, luminosity and brightness, feel and visual effect. To avoid yellowing of the pattern after printing.

The perfect UV label pattern protrudes with thickness, smooth and convex to the touch, in the absence of ink coverage presents transparent, pasted on a transparent bottle with a unique visual effect. UV labels market applications in the gift above the best play. No matter what you want to send, UV printer for wood vases, cups, tea cans, rechargeable batteries, mice, gift boxes, etc., where you need to stick where.

30cm UV DTF roll

SUBLICOOL UV printer can be customised with unique limited edition labels. This can not only be used for brand promotion, more applicable to personalized custom labels, a beautiful atmosphere more class.

UV printer either LOGO, gradient pattern, matte mode, or glossy mode. No varnish mode or other mode effects can be achieved. In addition, batch production is also available. And can also meet the needs of customers with multiple types of personalised small-batch customization.

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