Most advanced and latest printing technology
Model: MK-UV A3MAX


Print Head: EPSON I3200
Print Size: 297*420mm
Print Speed: 0.28-3sqm/h


MK-UV A3MAX was the first of our A3-Series desktop UV printer. This innovative design combines industrial strength components with high-performance, extended-wear Epson print heads to bring you a printer that’s built for high resolution and designed to last.

New Feature of A3 UV Printer

Talk about some features of MK-UV A3MAX Printer , hope it will play a role in future choices.

Multi-Layer Imaging Mode

Equipped with Epson i3200 Print heads, supports full color, color white, white color, color white varnish print mode, support direct UV print, UV DTF print.

High Standard installation process control.

Good quality material using, part to choose to ensure the quality of our sublicool MK-UV A3MAX DTF Printer

a3 uv printer

White Ink Circulation System

White ink circulation and filtration can effectively prevent sedimentation and ensure the effective output of ink, prevent print heads clogging, save printing cost.

Wide Usage On Variety Substrates

Ideal for rigid and flexible material, like phone cases, acrylic, metal, gifts packaging, plastic card, PVC, glass, wood, paper, etc.

Epson I3200-U1 PrintHead

I-Series Printheads: Epson I3200 head has 3200 nozzles, resolution 600dpi, jetting frequency are higher than DX5 and xp600, and also color saturation, printing speed, printing accuracy are better, and the price is cheap. Very cost-effective

epson i3200 printhead
Ink TypesUV ink
Size(width x depth x height)(mm)69.1×59.4×35.6
Nozzle Numbers3200
Length Between Nozzles(inch)1/300(in one row)
Nozzle Row8row
Max color/head4colors
Resolution300dpi/1row 600npi/2row
Effective Printing Width(mm)33.8
Jet Freqency(kHz)43.2(single dot), 21.6(multi dot)
Ink Drops(pl)3.8-6-12(9.4)
Ink Viscosity(mPa.s)3~4

Know Details About MK-UV A3MAX Below

Perfect A3 UV dtf printer to create custom products,roll labels, and UV DTF AB film printouts.

The latest released small format A3 UV LED printer MK-UV A3MAX is perfect for short runs, of customized products in the small to medium-size category. With optimized case and efficiency, you can print directly onto accessories, giftware, ceramics, and countless other popular products. Create unique, desirable, and highly-profitable custom items with MK A3 Flatbed UV printer that offers brilliant color results, realistic textures and stylish embossed effects.

Use the MK A3 UV printer for industrial printing for short runs and fine detail work, it’s quicker and cheaper for your promotional items printing business.

epson i3200 printhead
EPSON I3200 Print head

1200 dpi reaches the highest resolution in the industry, creating
excellent photo quality

full coverage shade cover
Full coverage shade cover

Light-shielding, dust-proof, touch-proof

intelligent ink supply system
Intelligent Ink Supply System

New ink cartridge design, with ink automatic circulation, ink
shortage alarm function

lifting capping station
Lifting capping station design

The motor drives the capping station to rise and fall, precisely
controls the position of the carriage, and better protects the nozzle

lifting vacuum table
Lifting vacuum table

High-precision honeycomb hard aluminum platform, the flatness is
controlled within 0.1mm

multifunction control panel
Multifunction control panel

Humanized design, in line with human habits, flexible and easy to

A3 UV DTF Printer Parameter:

Model nameMK-UV A3MAX
Print headPrint headEPSON I3200
Print head picture1 pcs
Nozzle spray force range2-3mm
Number of nozzles3200(Indivual)
Distance between nozzles1/300 inch
Number of nozzle rows8
Maximum number of supported ink colors8
Effective print width300npi/1 List,600npi/2 List,1200npi/4 List
Droplet ejection performance(droplet volume and ejection frequency)2 levels of grayscale 5 pl (43.2kHz)
3 levels of grayscale 6,12.5 pl (21.6kHz)
4 levels of grayscale 3.8,6.2,9.3 pl (21.6kHz)
ParameterRip softwareFuture Rip
Print speed0.28-3sqm/h
Highest print resolution720x1200dpi
Print size297*420mm
Print versionWhite and color and varnish print at same time
Print height0-85mm
Printer dimension        L*W*H1000mm*902mm*592mm
Packing size L*W*H 1.12m*1.02m*0.78m
Working environmentTemperature:20°C-28°C  Humidity:35%-65%
OtherConnection methodNetwork cable
Ink typeEnvironmental UV curing ink
Ink store environment(shading)Temperature:20°C-28°C  Humidity:35%-65%
Graphic formatTiff,Jpg,Eps,Pdf,Png
Place of originMainland China
Packaging specificationUnit
Machine colorSilver &White & Black
Printer typeDigital inkjet printer

A3 LED UV Printer Working Process

Design Pattern

Use photoshop, illustrator or other software to design your pattern.

Print Your Design On A Film

Adjust the printer parameters in the RIP software and use our UV DTF printer and ink to print your pattern on A film.


Laminate A film with B film

Transfer Film On Products

Cut the image and stick on substrates, repeat pressing the pattern and then slowly peel the film and finish.

uv dtf a3

What You Can Do With UV DTF Print

MK-UV A3MAX UV DTF Printer is equipped with 6-color ink, which can realize light cyan, light magenta and fluorescent color printing. With Sulicool’s special printing materials, a variety of colorful printing effects can be achieved. UV-LED direct-to-substrate printing is one of the fastest-growing segments in the printing industry — offering huge advantages when it comes to cost, print quality, and the ability to customize unlimited types of substrates.

uv dtf
uv dtf printer
printer uv dtf
A3 LED UV desktop printer
UV inkjet direct printer
A3 UV printer

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