UV DTF AB Film Printing Machine

UV DTF AB Film Printing Machine

Most advanced and latest printing technology
Model: XK-600 Super


Print Head: EPSON I1600-U1
Max Print width: 600mm
Max Speed: 8Pass (7m2/h)


UV DTF AB Film Printing transfer printing is a new technology in the digital revolution. No longer need an extra laminator to laminate the A film, which is the salvation of poor hands-on ability and achieve full automation to complete the finished product, greatly improve production efficiency

It not only can print on flat, wood, ceramic, glass,metal, acrylic and other materials, also can print on bent and cylindrical objects, and output a good 3Dtexture, high color fastness and scratch resistance printing effect.

New Feature of UV DTF AB Film Printing Machine

Lets see the features of XK-600 Super UV Flatbed Printer, hope it will be the good choice for your print business!

2-in-1 UV DTF Printer

Traditional UV printing procedure includes printing and then laminating, but sublicool this UV DTF printer machine allows these two processes to realize at the same time

High Standard installation process control.

Good quality material using, part to choose to ensure the quality of our sublicool XK-600 Super UV Flatbed Printer.

uv dtf film printer

High Quality Output

Sublicool XK-600 Super UV Flatbed Printer contains many advanced features that can be easily used to complete high quality printing jobs.

Negative pressure ink supply system

sublicool XK-600 Super UV Flatbed Printer with the quick supply of ink, smooth ink supply can be provide the stable printing result.

UV DTF AB Film Printing Machine Parameter

Number of print headsi1600-U1 x 3
Printing formatMicro Voltage Inkjet Printing
Print size600x420mm
MediumWidthMaximum width 600mm
Ink CartridgeInk supply methodColor Siphon + White ink Timing Stirring
Printing Resolution2400 dpi
Printing speed(720X900dpi) A2size 600X420mm 10 minutes per page
Ink Curing MethodDual UV LED lights
InterfaceGigabit Ethernet port
Power RequirementsAC 220V±5%, 16A, 50Hz±1
Power consumption550W
Dimensions (with stand)1572(W) x 960(D) x 925(H) mm
Weight (with stand)200kg
Use environmentOn stateTemperature: 15°C to 32°C (59°F to 90°F) (20°C (68″ F or higher recommended),
Humidity: 35% to 80% relative humidity (non-condensing)*1
Off stateTemperature: 5°C to 40°C (41°F to 104°C),
Humidity: 20% to 80% relative humidity (non-condensing)
uv dtf film printer

What is UV DTF Printing?

Sublicool recently launched a new technology – UV DTF printing. Which contains many advanced features that can beeasily used to complete high
quality printing jobs. 

UV DTF Printer Working Process

Design Image on your computer

Can choose photoshop, illustrator or other software to design your image.

Print Your Image On A Film

Use Sublicool flatbed UV DTF printer and ink to print your image on A film.

Cut the Printed Film

After printing, for this printer is no need do the laminators, so you can directly cut the images you want.

Transfer Film On Products

Stick the printed film on substrates, repeat pressing the pattern and then slowly peel the film and finish.

uv dtf printer

Details Of SUBLICOOL UV DTF AB Film Printing Machine

uv printing machine

Control Panel

led uv printing

Print And Cover One

printer uv flatbed

Ink Deficiency Alarm

Epson i1600-U1 Print Head

 SUBLICOOL UV DTF AB Film Printing Machine is equipped with Epson I1600-U1 print heads. A cost-effective 1.33inch-wide MEMs head series providing high productivity and high image quality with 600dpi high-density resolution.

Epson i1600-U1
ModelEPSON i1600-U1
Compatible inkUV Ink
Dimensions(WidthxDepthx Height)69.1mm x 59.4mm x 35.6mm
Nozzle Numbers1600
Length Between Nozzles(inch)1/300
Nozzle Row4 rows
Max color/head4 colors
Resolution300dpi/row, 600dpi/2row
Effective Printing Width(mm)33.8
Binary5 pl(43.2kHz)
3 levels
grey scale
6,12.5 pl(21.6kHz)
4 levels
 grey scale
3.8,6.2,9.3 pl(21.6kHz)
Viscosity range(mPa.s)5-7 mPa・s

Applications Of SUBLICOOL UV DTF AB Film Printing Machine

Sublicool UV DTF Printer supports varnish printing, covering on the pattern, the visual effect is better, also wear and scratch resistance. Suitable for plastic, glass, ceramics, paper, paperboard, metal, leather also can put the as pen, notebook, phone case, mouse, vase, bottle, can, mug, packing box, purse, pad, USB flash disk, electric appliance, suitcase, key ring and other different size products.

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