uv dtf film

A FILM (Printable Film )

The printing surface is coated with glue, and the paper protective layer is covered on it.

Sheet Size: 100pcs/pack


B FILM (Positioning Film )

Laminate A film with B film with a lamination machine, and transfer the image from A film to B film.

Roll Size: 30cm*100m

Feature of UV DTF AB Transfer Film

uv pet film

Working Process

Step 1

Design image with Rip Software

Step 2

UV Print image on A film

Step 3

Laminate A film to B film

Step 4

Cut and transfer film on substrates

Step 5

Press film and Peel Off film

uv AB film

Applications Of UV DTF AB Film

UV DTF AB Film, Widely used in various handicrafts, wood products, ceramic products, packaging boxes, plastics, stainless steel materials, metal products, LOGO icons, glass products, paper, cardboard, leather products, acrylic materials. For example: notebooks, thermos cups, mice, vases, cans, mugs, wallets, mats, U disks, electrical appliances, suitcases, key chains, tin cans, tin boxes, mobile phone cases, etc. item)

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Q: What size is the AB film?

A: A3 size (30CM*42CM), A4 size (21CM*30CM), Roll size(30cm*100m; 60cm*100m)

Q: How to use this film?

A: UV printer prints directly, heat laminating machine applies B film directly

Q: What materials can the printed UV DTF be attached to?

A: All materials except fabric can be pasted.

Q: What kind of printer is needed to print AB film?

A: Ordinary UV printers are fine (varnish is required).

Q: What is the viscosity of the UV DTF material? Does it need to be glued?

A: It is many times stronger than silk screen printing, no glue, no waste discharge. More Than two years.

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