What 7 Behaviors Can Damage DTF Pet Film Printer Printheads?

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We all know that the DTF Pet Film Printer is a very precise accessory, so it is also very easy to damage. In addition, the DTF printhead can be said to be the highest price of the whole device accessories, in the daily printing must be well maintained in order to extend the service life of the printhead. SUBLICOOL gives you a collation of 7 harmful DTF machine printhead behaviors. Please, customers must pay more attention to the time of use.

1. Random installation and disassembly of the circuit

Randomly installing and removing DTF Pet Film Printer circuits Without turning off the heat transfer film inkjet printer power switch and disconnecting the main power. And This improper behavior can damage the life of each system and jeopardize the printer nozzles.

2. Mixed ink

Arbitrarily refill different batches and brands of ink, or use substandard quality ink or cleaning fluid. So, the mixing of two different configurations of ink will change the color and quality of the ink, which in turn will affect the inkjet effect and clog the printhead. And the quality of the cleaning fluid may corrode the printhead.

3. Vigorously clean the printhead.

Do not use this rough method! If the nozzle is slightly clogged, it is recommended to remove the dust with a vacuum cleaner, followed by a detailed follow-up cleaning.

4. The whole nozzle into the cleaning fluid soaks.

Cleaning fluid has a certain degree of corrosiveness, so generally only take the appropriate amount of introduction into the nozzle for cleaning.

5. The use of improper product cleaning

Clean the printhead of the DTF printer with its own non-quality control products. Please use the manufacturer’s products and quality control products to clean the nozzle, because the nozzle is very easy to be contaminated and worn.

6. Unregulated adjustment of DTF printhead position.

Do not use brute force, either to replace the printhead or to fine-tune the printhead. So please strictly in accordance with the specifications in the operating manual carefully treat the printhead.

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7, cleaning without attention to protect the circuit board and other internal systems.

When cleaning, turn off the power of the DTF printer. And be careful not to let water come into contact with the circuit boards and other internal systems.

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