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What Accessories Do Pet Film Printer Need to Check regularly?

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Pet film printer is very sophisticated printing equipment. We need to carry out regular maintenance on her every day to make the printing equipment last longer. In addition, some fragile and consumable accessories also need to be replaced regularly to ensure that the DTF printer can work normally. Today, let’s find out what accessories of pet film printer need to be replaced regularly with SUBLICOOL. In addition, what maintenance work we need to do every day can prolong the service life of the DTF printer.

Replacing the ink sac:

Generally, the ink sac needs to be replaced in about three months. The ink sac is an accessory used to supply ink to the nozzle. It is used to filter ink for the nozzle. The function of the ink sac is to store the ink tank. The ink is filtered twice. And then the ink is supplied to the nozzle after filtering, to realize the function of transporting ink in the middle. Therefore, the service life of the ink sac will not be too long. And it is basically necessary to replace the new ink sac regularly.

Grating inspection:

Regularly check and clean the grating strips. The grating strips are a piece of transparent film behind the small frame. The printer will have problems such as ghosting and misalignment.  SUBLICOOL recommends that customers and friends regularly clean and replace the grating strips to ensure normal printing tasks.

Update the scraper:

The scraper also needs to be regularly dipped in cleaning fluid with a cotton swab to clean the DTF ink stains and impurities on the scraper. Generally, we need to check once a week. If the scraper is deformed or damaged, it needs to be replaced with a new scraper. Because the white ink heat transfer printer works for a period of time, the scraper blade will slowly be stained with ink and dust.

More others:

Our daily use of DTF printers requires regular inspection of the ink pumps, ink pads, and ink cartridges of the printing machine. If the ink pump does not turn or the rotation speed cannot meet the demand for ink supply. The inks supply motor will continue to run. If the ink cartridge is short of ink for a long time or the ink cartridge is in the ink supply state for a long time.  Regularly check whether the ink stack is loose because the ink stack needs to fix to protect the print head.

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There are many accessories for DTF pet film printers that need to be checked regularly. The most important ones are ink bags, wipers, and grating strips because these accessories can be relatively easy to wear and tear. Regular inspection of accessories can not only reduce the failure rate but also ensure the normal progress of printing tasks, to print better and better printing products.

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