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What Affects the Printing Speed Of Pet Film Printer?

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In this ever-changing era, everything pursues speed. Because only the speed is fast enough to get a better response. Pet film printer is no exception. Printing speed and printing quality are the main standards based on the printing market. So, how to speed up the printing machine? Pet film printer speed is mainly affected by which aspect? SUBLICOOL will explain it to you.

  1. The DTF print head  :

The number of nozzles and the type of nozzles are the main factors that can determine the printing speed. The printing speed and accuracy of different types of nozzles will be different. And the more nozzles, the faster the DTF printing printer.

  1. Printing software:

Different printing software has different printing speeds. Moreover, the settings of the printing software will also affect the printing speed of DTF. For example, the larger the feathering value, the slower the printing speed, and one-way printing is definitely slower than two-way printing.

  1. Printing accuracy:

The printing accuracy is inversely proportional to the printing speed and directly proportional to the printing effect. Higher printing accuracy means slower printing speed and lower printing accuracy means faster printing speed. Usually, the printing accuracy of large-scale products is generally 720*720DPI, which is enough for textile printing.

  1. The number of PASS printed:

The PASS number is inversely proportional to the printing speed and directly proportional to the printing effect. So the higher the PASS number means the slower the printing speed, the common PASS numbers are: 4PASS, 6PASS, and 8PASS. Usually, we use more 4PASS. If the accuracy and color requirements are high, we suggest using 6PASS or 8PASS.

DTF printing

  1. Print speed mode:

Common printing software has three optional modes: low speed, medium speed, and high speed. If the DTF printer is well debugged, the printing effects of the three modes are not much different, but the printing efficiency is very different. Generally, medium speed and high speed are used, and we can adjust the printing mode of the heat transfer printer for t-shirts according to different needs.

Therefore, the speed of DTF printing seriously affects the production efficiency and market profits of enterprises. Efficiency is money, efficiency is life. In the printing industry, whoever has the fastest printing proofing speed and high printing quality can seize more market opportunities. Therefore, many customers and friends pay more attention to printing efficiency when purchasing DTF printing machines.

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