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What Are Printing Color Tips For Super-wide Format Printing?

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How do you make sure that the items printed on your Super-wide Format Printing will look the way they intend to look? We must pay attention to the color management of printed items.

First of all, for any printing, it is almost impossible to follow a computerized image exactly. There are a variety of factors that subtly change the color of the printed item for every print job. What are some of these factors? How do you ensure color accuracy?

RGB color schemes are used to generate patterns on the screen.

When you print RGB colors on a CYMK  Super-wide Format Printing and the results show “Best Match”, the printing software will print incompatible colors, but will result in your cost colors being much darker than what is on the screen. How do I fix this? First, convert the RGB to CYMK and then print in the CYMK color space. The output will not be as vibrant this way, but the color matching will be more accurate.

Using Vector Images

Many image files use small pixels to generate images. These are sharp when used at their original size, but the quality deteriorates when they are large. Vector images, on the other hand, maintain resolution whether scaled up or down. Heat sublimation requires this type of vector image, not a raster image.

Using the same printing material

Switching from one vinyl material to another during a single print run may result in a slight change in color. Therefore, make sure you have enough of the same vinyl material before you start printing. In addition, the printing process requires that the thermal tooth surface, sublimation paper for fabric, and substrate surface can tightly bond without gaps. Otherwise, the transfer image and text will be blurred.

Getting a sample.

In order to avoid customers’ claims that there is an error between what is printed and what is requested.  I suggest printing a sample and sending it to them so that unnecessary disputes can be minimized.

large fabric printing

Use the same large format dye sublimation printer and consumables.

In the printing process, a batch of goods tries to use the same printer, as well as the same wave of consumables, which can avoid differences in color and printing.

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