Dye sublimation transfer ink

What Are the Advantages of Dye Sublimation Transfer Ink?

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Dye sublimation transfer ink is a kind of ink that can use in dye sublimation printing. Dye sublimation printing (or dye-sub) is a digital printing process that uses heat to transfer dye to materials such as plastic, card, and paper of the fabric. The dye s transitions from a solid to a gas state without experiencing a liquid stage. Many professional dye sublimation printers are perfect for producing photo-realistic prints, cards, clothing, and more and the advantages of the sublimation ink are as follows.

Vivid and clear colors:

The sublimation ink can insert into the polyester fabric by sublimation at high temperatures. Then, combining ink and machine technologies achieves cost-effective and eco-conscious direct sublimation printing. At this point, sublimation printing can use in polyester fabrics and perform vivid and clear colors.

High-quality and vibrant color printing:

Combining quick dry water-based sublimation ink and inkjet technology produces nice and high-quality vibrant color printing on the fabrics. And it can provide unlimited design potential for a large range of applications for signage and apparel printing which includes flags, banners, sportswear, and so on.


The sublimation of printing ink when printing will not do harm to the environment compared to other printing ink. So this direct sublimation transfer printing system optimizes excellent color reproducibility of the ink, reduces the cost and wastage, and increases productivity.

Large capacity:

A large-capacity ink bottle allows for the timely fulfillment of large orders. For larger printers, there is a 2-liter ink tank. And this allows customers to process large orders faster and at lower costs.

Sublimation inks offer new possibilities for sportswear printing

A variety of inks can be used for sublimation transfer printing. These inks have high color fidelity and bring your designs to life with vibrant colors on polyester, adding value to apparel, swimwear, and outfits.

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High saturation:

Color has three elements, namely hue, saturation, and lightness. Hue can be compared with different batches of the same ink on paper and can be visually or use a calorimeter.

The saturation of the ink actually includes two aspects. The concentration of the colorant in the ink and the depth of the color on the printing medium. The concentration of the colorant in the ink can be determined by the UV absorption spectrum, because different concentrations have different absorption values for specific spectral wavelengths, and the color depth on the printing medium can be measured by a color density meter.

The saturation of the sublimation ink determines the color and density of the printed pattern. If the saturation is not enough, the color of the printed pattern will be different from the original image. If the density of the printed pattern is not enough, the overall effect will also be very different.

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