UV printing.

What Are The Advantages Of UV Roll To Roll Printing Machine?

UV printing machine

With the development of digital printing technology, SUBLICOOL’s UV Roll To Roll Printing Machine presents a brand-new solution to the labeling industry. It not only meets the demand for labels of various materials but also has more prominent advantages in the field of short-cycle products and brand-customized marketing. That is, print and stick, very fast and convenient, can print any pattern, to meet the needs of different industries on the label.

SUBLICOOL printer labels are temperature-resistant, waterproof, oil-resistant, wear-resistant, and other properties to meet the needs of special environmental use. At the same time it is demanding on the printing process, the need to ensure that the label necessary information for a long time clear and complete and bright patterns. So you need to pay attention to the printing accuracy, color retention, and other effects of the presentation. We use high-precision Epson printheads, in the printing process in order to protect the high output, high-precision UV label printing effect.

Besides, UV printers have been widely used, digital label printing technology with high efficiency, precision, personalization, flexible printing, and environmental protection, etc. Not only to meet the production needs of daily necessities labels but also in various fields of label printing, bringing new options and possibilities. So that UV labels can be free to change to meet the needs of various fields.

SUBLICOOL UV printer brand advantages:

1. High-definition

UV printers use high-precision printheads to achieve high-definition printing results. Printed patterns and text are clear, detailed, and visually appealing.

2. Rapid printing

UV printers have the advantage of fast printing, which can improve productivity and reduce costs.

3. Environmental protection and energy saving

UV printers use UV ink and UV DTF film which has the advantages of being non-toxic, odorless, and non-polluting. At the same time, the printing process uses ultraviolet light curing technology. Which reduces energy consumption and realizes environmental protection and energy saving.

4. Saving labor costs

Save labor costs, compared with the screen printing process, with the crystal label UV printer printing. And 1 person can complete the printing, to reduce the enterprise a lot of labor costs.

UV roll to roll printing machine

5. Personalization

UV printer machine in the personalized custom printing, this advantage is outstanding. When you want to print the pattern, directly through the PS software to do the drawing. And import equipment software to print the finished product!

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