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What are the characteristics of DTF?

dtf film printing

DTF refers to digital direct to film printing, which uses the transfer paper with release and uses the characteristics of hot-melt adhesive powder adhering to the ink to automatically locate the hot-melt adhesive powder and create a printing method without cutting and picking words. The graphics on the transfer paper can be transferred to clothes through DTF printer.

1.Low price and small size

The price of DTF printer is low. It can also easily convert the traditional inkjet printer into DTF printer. It can enjoy the convenience and efficiency of DTF printing technology without spending a large amount of money, and its volume and weight are smaller than DTG textile direct injection machine. It is suitable for a small number of customized industries that need to be made, and it is also very suitable for small enterprises.

2.No opening and character selection, diversified design

DTF has the advantages of no opening and no word picking. It does not need to cut graphics through the word cutting machine. Using the principle of hot-melt adhesive powder stained with ink, any complex graphics can be easily transferred and put in place at one time, which overcomes the problem that the word cutting machine can not cut too small and broken graphics. It can be easily transferred through the hot transfer machine, giving more diversified design space to the cultural and creative industry and making the printing of cloth more flexible and convenient.

3.Various printing materials

DTF can be applied to a wide range of materials, including all kinds of dark and light color canvas, cotton T-shirt, sweat shirts, denim, nylon cloth and other textile materials, which can be transferred, providing more possibilities for customized commodity printing. Therefore, using heat transfer film DTF printer can not only have more space in design, but also print more diversified commodities.

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