What Are The Color Adjustment Methods For Pet Film DTF Printer?

Pet Film DTF Printer is through the computer to control the output color, and the color reflected on the computer display is not the same as the color mode of Pet Film DTF Printer printing (the display color is RGB mode, while the printing color is CMYK mode). And this requires a color mixing process. Color mixing process and according to the dye characteristics, printing accuracy, fabric categories and other factors, set different process parameters. And If the parameters are not set well, it will make the color of the print and the incoming manuscript is very different.

A3 DTF film printer
A3 DTF film printer

Screen display method:

What is the principle of the on-screen display method? It adjusts the color of an image by adjusting the color of the screen display of DTF shirt prining. However the color is selected or adjusted on the screen through the color menu. And This method is very useful in color matching or start color mixing. It is a common color mixing method used by designers.

However, since the principles of color generation on fabrics are different for fluorescent screens and dyes. It is not possible for all of the colors display on the phosphor screen to represent on the fabric by the dye. And small differences between the colors represented by the dye cannot be clearly displayed on the phosphor screen. Therefore this is a general color mixing method and cannot be used as a precise color mixing.

DTF heat transfer printer
DTF heat transfer printer

Color card color mixing method:

So, You can use one or more color modes to build a swatch model. The swatch model can be a three-dimensional stereo (Lab mode and RGB mode). Or it can be a set of three-dimensional stereos (CMYK mode). Besides, The three-dimensional model can broke down into a two-dimensional graph where one value is a variable. And for CMYK mode, there are two variables. After creating the color swatch file, be sure to print it out for backup.

This method of color mixing is relatively easy, just compare the target color with the color card and choose the same color. However, different fabrics may produce a slight color difference if this uses the method. Therefore, the color card of the three-dimensional scale subdivision will also affect the color effect. If you can use the two methods as above reasonably well, the color effect of DTF film printer printing must be the best.


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