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What Are The Consumables For DTF Shirt Printing?

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What are the consumables of DTF shirt printing?

The main consumables for DTF printer printing are ink, printing film and hot melt powder. The ink is also divided into colour ink and white ink, of which white ink is the most important ink. And is also the most used ink colour.DTF printing ink can be missing other colours, but white ink is indispensable. Because the role of white ink is mainly to give the printing pattern to play the role of reconciliation and priming. Each of our princes needs to be primed with white ink in order to show better results.

Why is white ink so important?

White ink for DTF printer printing is crucial. If the white ink is not white enough, then the whole pattern colour will be dark and the colour is not vivid. So when we choose white ink, we should choose ink with high quality and smoothness. Which can reduce the occurrence of many failure problems.  DTF pet film printer for t-shirts must be careful when choosing ink, and must not easily replace the ink.

Never pay attention to the clogging problem of DTF ink!

White ink is easy to clog the printhead, the problem is usually attributed to the smoothness of the ink and the maintenance environment of the machine. If the quality of white ink is poor, it is also easy to clog the printhead. Our white ink cartridges usually have a stirrer inside, the stirrer’s role is to stir the role of white ink, and white ink concentration is usually higher. So you need to stir the stirrer from time to time to prevent the white ink from settling and reduce the resistance of the white ink to the printhead. Even if the machine is no longer in operation, this agitator cannot be stopped, otherwise. It will make the white ink solidify and become unusable.


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Why is white ink the main consumable for DTF printers? Good quality ink can make your printing task twice as easy as with half the effort. SUBLICOOL DTF transfer ink has bright colours, high colour-fastness and good white ink coverage. Selected high-quality raw materials, the colour is delicate and full. The ink is smooth and does not clog the nozzle, and restores the beauty of natural colours.

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