What are the heat transfer materials?

Heat transfer printing is a simple printing technology that can print quickly and in small quantities nowadays. Because of its good texture and fast delivery of small orders, it has become a necessary tool for many people to start a business. So what are the heat transfer materials? Heat transfer printing is mainly to quickly print the ink on the transfer paper to the substrate through high temperature and high pressure. The material of heat transfer printing is very diverse. Let Sublicool show you the main four kinds of heat transfer materials!

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  • 1.Fabric heat transfer material

Nowadays, many trendy brands or cultural and creative clothing will have their own brand logos printed on them, and thermal transfer printing is a major promoter of entrepreneurship. It is very suitable for use on cotton synthetic fiber materials such as dark and light cotton T-shirts, sweat-wicking T-shirts, towels, canvas bags, bags, hats, jeans, pillows, umbrellas, leather products, etc. It is the most widely used thermal transfer printing. material.

  • 2.Porcelain thermal transfer material

Another thermal transfer material with commemorative value is mugs, porcelain, plates, etc., but because mugs, porcelain, etc. have curved surfaces, you must choose the appropriate size carefully on the thermal transfer machine, or you can consider choosing The 8-in-1 multi-function transfer machine can print multiple products at one time.

  • 3.Flat thermal transfer material

Next, let’s take a look at the flat heat transfer materials, such as luggage tags used for travel abroad, house numbers on the outside of office buildings, as well as refrigerator magnets, key rings, puzzles, coasters are all very common, and the more special ones are Styling wall clocks, desktop clocks and more. This type of thermal transfer material is not only resistant to humidity and high temperature, but also has a variety of styles and shapes. You can choose your favorite shape to customize the product!

4.Mobile phone case heattransfer material

Other materials used in thermal transfer printing are mobile phone wraps and mobile phone cases, which are presented through two thermal transfer methods, “film transfer” and “sublimation transfer”, no matter which transfer method is used, All can be designed according to personal needs, and it is also the most commonly used thermal transfer material nowadays.

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