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What Are The Industry Advantages Of Pet Film Transfer Printer?

A3 DTF printing machine
A3 DTF printing machine

Why is the Pet Film Transfer Printer industry so hot? What are its advantages? Today SUBLICOOL Pet Film Transfer Printer to give you a popularization of the 3 main advantages of the DTF printing machine industry:

1.DTF printing steps are simple

It is said that the DTF process is simple, so where is it simple? DTF garment printing machine process, only need a computer, a machine operator can be a complete printing operation. And the operator of the printing work experience is not high, only after a simple training can be. DTF printing machine machine machine operation, do not need too much human intervention.

2.Fast proofing output

DTF printing machine process without plate, as long as there is a picture, you can directly print out and then after shaking powder machine powder, drying steps. And finally can be directly through the press machine will print the pattern stamping on the garment. The whole process only takes a few minutes to produce samples to see the cost. And DTF is not like the traditional printing process, free plate, print out that is the finished product, which brings a new journey to the digital printing industry.

pet heat transfer printer for t-shirts
pet heat transfer printer for t-shirts

3.pattern DTF printing colorful and colorful

Traditional printing methods, garment printing machine needs to do all the color proofing according to the picture, and then transfer printing. Besides, DTF printing machine can be printed directly, the printing effect of bright color. It can be directly compared with the original photo pattern, show the delicate and bright color effect.  SUBLICOOL new DTF pet film printer for t-shirts for customers to find a new point of increase in profits for the enterprise to save a lot of labor costs.

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