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What Are The Maintenance Myths Of Direct To Film Printer?

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Direct-to-film printer printhead is one of the important parts of the T-shirt printing machine.DTF printhead maintenance is also very important. I believe customers know more or less about DTF printer printhead maintenance. Because good maintenance can prolong the service life of DTF printer printhead, and improve the print effect of the printhead. And ensure a better quality picture output. However, in the use of DTF machines are also prone to maintenance in the maintenance of some of the wrong maintenance operations. So is DTF printer hot stamping machine maintenance misunderstanding you in a few it? SUBLICOOL for you to explain:

1. The DTF printer printhead cleaning more often the better.

Proper cleaning of the nozzle can solve the nozzle’s micro-blocking condition, you can ensure that the nozzle good printing condition. But if the frequent operation of cleaning the printhead, the printhead is not good. And even cause the printhead life shrinkage, in addition to the ink will also cause great waste.

2. That as long as the seal is good, it will not block the printhead.

Sealing of the printhead anti-blocking misunderstanding, customers tend to think that as long as the printhead and ink stacks are sealed will not cause the printhead ink to dry up and clog the printhead. In fact, in the DTF printer does not work in the state, keeping the printhead and ink stack completely closed is the first job. But to ensure that the nozzle does not dry up and clog.

You should also pay attention to the waste ink tube the waste ink tube should be folded a little. You can use the relevant clips to clamp the ink tube because the waste ink tube is connected to the ink stack. The waste ink tube’s drying will also cause the ink stack core to dry, which leads to the printhead drying.

3. Do not pay attention to the impact of static electricity and other working environment

In the daily use of DTF film printing, do not pay attention to the impact of static electricity on the printer. For example, not for the DTF printer does a good job related to anti-static protection, not connected to the grounding line, nor for the printer connected to the relevant voltage regulator. These are all the wrong use of the operation. Static electricity and unstable voltage are easy to affect the printer’s printing output and even cause damage to the direct-to-film printer and printhead.

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The above 3 points are the customer’s maintenance of the DTF printer’s biggest misunderstanding. If you have made the same mistake, remember to correct it in time! The above behavior not only will not give the DTF hot stamping printer to play a maintenance role, but the operation is not good and will also bring damage to the printer and other failure problems.

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