What are the precautions for using DTF printer?

DTF printer

If you want the DTF printer to work better, you need to pay special attention when using it. What are the precautions for using DTF pet film printer?

1.In case of abnormal noise, smoke, temperature rise, odor or other abnormal functions of the printer, the DTF pet film printer shall be powered off immediately and the power cord shall be unplugged.

2.Do not use flammable materials or similar products around the 60cm DTFprinter.

3.Before moving the 60cm DTF printer, be sure to turn off the power and unplug the power cord.

4.Before transporting the DTFprinter, ensure that the print head is fixed in its original position.

5.Do not carry out any cleaning and maintenance work before turning off the power and unplugging the power socket.

6.When theDTFprinter is running, do not touch any power components and print heads.

7.Timely remove the dust and sundries around the power plug and power socket to ensure a clean working environment.

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