What Are The Steps For Fully Automatic UV DTF Printing ?

UV DTF Printing

SUBLICOOL’s UV DTF Printing, the advantages of which are characterized by fast speed, high stability, receiving and discharging, and laminating the film completed in one. The whole machine can be equipped with 3 printheads, print product patterns bright and full, with tearing the film to leave the pattern of the 3D pattern effect. In addition, there is scratch-resistant, high, and low-temperature resistance. The UV transfer paste is easy to paste, has environmental protection, has good texture, waterproof wear-resistant, and colorful, wide range of advantages. Next, let’s take a look at the UV printer – UV automatic printing steps!

  1. Design pattern:

First, needs to design a picture according to customer demand and needs to transfer to the surface of the product pattern. You can use computer graphics software to design, you can also hand-drawn patterns.

  1. Print pattern:

The use of UV printers to computer numerical control printing patterns, ready to print the material UV AB film. A film is a sticky film, and B film is a transfer film.  And the pattern printed on the A film can be.

  1. Overlay film:

The pattern is printed on the A film, after the printing is completed, laminating the film while printing. This is a UV printer machine that collects materials, puts materials, and laminates the film in one. The finished product is the finished product after laminating.

  1. Cutting:

We print the AB film crystal label according to the size of the pattern cut. Which made to spare (using scissors, mill cutting, simple, convenient, and fast. You can also use automatic edge-seeking paper cutter).

60cm UV DTF ROLL Printer

  1. Transfer:

UV transfer paste on the product surface, remove the crystal label product backing film (i.e. A film). Then take the B film and paste it on the surface of the product where the pattern needs to glue, press it, and remove the B film. Patterns on the completion of the transfer, the whole process is to press the film to leave the word.

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