DTF printer

What are the tips for buying DTF printers?

DTF printer

What are the tips for purchasing a DTF printer? Many novice friends will ask this question. Some friends who buy T-shirt printers want to start their own businesses, some purchase them in factories, and some use them for their own purposes. However, they will find that more than 90% of their friends do not know much about DTF T-shirt printers. What are the tips for buying T-shirt printers? What else should we pay attention to?

1、 Buying machines is an investment

What you buy is not only the quality of the machine itself, but also the process and service of the machine. There are many brands of DTF printers, so you need to buy machines of the size you need from different manufacturers according to the scope of your printing business. The quality of the machines is also different, and the properties of the materials used are also different.

2、 After sales service of the machine

We buy machines for investment and production. If the machine works for a long time, some minor problems will inevitably occur. At this time, it depends on the after-sales service level of the manufacturer. The after-sales service personnel of some manufacturers are quite professional and experienced. This is enough. Some after-sales personnel are completely novices and don’t know much about them. Some manufacturers even ignore you when they sell machines.

3、 See the printer process

After selecting the quality of the machine, the next step is to look at the process of DTF printer. What does this process mean? Some friends will say, “Isn’t craftsmanship just the craftsmanship of the T-shirt printing machine?” In fact, this is not the case. This is only one aspect. The machine is of good workmanship and is very convenient to use and maintain, which is what a good DTF printer needs.

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