DTF printing.

What Causes Colour Differences In Transfer Film Printing?

DTF printing

Transfer Film Printing development, so far, has become the garment printing industry’s first choice of printing equipment. DTF printing machine development is very fast, printing technology is also constantly in progress. Not only has the printing speed become faster and faster, but the printing precision is also more and more high. This can fully meet the current popular personalized custom clothing printing requirements.

However, in the printing process, the pattern sprayed out by the DTF printer will generally have a certain colour difference from the original picture. In different patterns, the size of the colour difference may be different. When this colour difference is not within the acceptable range, we generally choose to use image processing software to adjust the colour, common AI, PHOTOSHOP, etc. are available. After the adjustment, test the print on the machine. And then make a comparison with the original picture, and so on and so forth, until close to the original picture.

In addition, you can also adjust through the printing software supporting the DTF printer. Through continuous adjustment, generally close to the original picture. Although the print control software with the printer also has a simple colour adjustment function, the scope of this adjustment is limited. It can only adjust the style of the picture, such as a little darker, or a little bluer, and can not do local adjustments. So it is rarely used. But sometimes no matter how you adjust the colour, can not be satisfied, such a situation may also be there. The reasons are as follows, can be investigated:

1. The DTF transfer ink colour concentration is not right

When the ink colour concentration is low, when printing deep colours, no matter how to adjust is unable to achieve a satisfactory level. For example, if you want to print a deep black, and just black the ink colour concentration is just low. Then, no matter how to adjust the colour, print out always light black.

2. Ink suitability

When the ink and direct to film printer for t-shirts board, RIP software does not match the time, the printed pattern will have a very large colour difference. In this case, no matter how you adjust the colour. It is impossible to approach or replace the ink brand and model after the general situation.

transfer film printing

3. Waveform

Waveform effect on the pattern is also a great influence, which generally depends on the board.

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