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What determines the printing accuracy of transfer film inkjet printer?

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Transfer film inkjet printer is generally to do personalized customized products more. Because it is a customized product, so for the DTF printer’s accuracy requirements will be relatively high, DTF printing machine printing accuracy is an important indicator of production requirements, then the printing accuracy and those factors are related to it, SUBLICOOL gives you a collation of 8 with the DTF printing machine printing accuracy-related factors to give you a reference.

First, the minimum ink drop of the printhead:

Generally speaking, the smaller the minimum droplet, the higher the printing accuracy. But sometimes it is also necessary to combine the ink volume and grey scale requirements. Choose a few levels of grey scale printing, large and medium-sized droplet combinations of printing.

Second, the number of printheads:

Under the same conditions, the increase in the number of printheads will affect the printing accuracy. Four-color / six-color / eight-color ink out of the combination of printheads splicing on the positioning requirements are higher, generally slightly greater impact on the printing accuracy.

Third, the arrangement of the printheads:

Under the same conditions, a staggered arrangement will improve the print width. This will need to improve the number of prints, so it will sacrifice the printing accuracy.

Fourth, the degree of matching of DTF textile printing ink and printhead:

Ink can not contact the print film with round ink droplets will affect the effect of the presentation, so the ink and printhead have to match to a high degree in order to present good printing results.

Fifth, the number of passes printed:

The same color input, the fewer the number of passes, the higher the precision. This is also why the staggered arrangement is not one of the reasons for the high accuracy of side-by-side.

Six, printing equipment transmission accuracy and platform flatness:

Transmission accuracy and platform flatness will affect the droplet drop position, affecting the direct-to-film inkjet printer for t-shirts printing accuracy.

Seven, the board and printhead waveform mating:

This is more common, different manufacturers of board control algorithms are slightly different, and chip signal output stability, as well as the waveform for the printing requirements, will affect the printing accuracy.

DTF printer machine

Eight, the type of print film:

Printing film coating ink absorption performance is good, the ink does not stain, will not diffuse, and the corresponding printing accuracy will be improved.

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