What Do I Consider Before Buying A Heat Sublimation Printer?

sublimation textile printer
sublimation textile printer

Before buying a Heat Sublimation Printer, you generally need to know these: price, quality of the Heat Sublimation Printer , whether it is environmentally friendly, after-sales service and maintenance.


Price may be a more concerned part for you, and the printhead will also affect the price. The more expensive the Heat Sublimation Printer printhead, the price of the thermal sublimation printer goes up with it. You must make a good budget before you buy. Apart from that, branded printers are also more expensive compared to others.

Environmentally friendly:

The environment is a major concern, and while focusing on other factors, you cannot forget to ask about sustainability. Ask if there is any damage to the environment.

Printer quality:

You need to find a high-quality printer with high resolution and color accuracy. This will not only save you money but also attract repeat customers.


Maintenance is very important for your machine. Clean it regularly, use qualified and compatible thermal sublimation ink, and replace damaged parts even if they are damaged to ensure proper operation. Keep it in a cool and dry environment. You need to know the time and steps for maintenance before purchasing. If the maintenance is not convenient, then it is likely to bring inconvenience.

After-sales service:

Good after-sales service is very important, it can solve your concerns and prevent potential problems in the future, be sure to ask about the warranty time, what to report for repair, whether technical support, etc. before purchasing.

thermal dye sublimation printer
thermal dye sublimation printer


There are a lot of wide format sublimation printer present in the market, try to learn more and compare which one is better for you. We are a professional manufacturer of heat sublimation machines. If you have any questions, feel free to contact SUBLICOOL and the experts are always available to answer your questions.

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