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What Do I Pay Attention To When Operating A Fabric Printing Machine?

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A Fabric Printing Machine is a complex and precise mechanical equipment with a sophisticated printing head in its internal structure. Therefore, its operation and basic maintenance are also very important, which is related to whether the machine can work normally and its service life. Complex electronic components such as CPU memory hard discs inside the machine are not only very sensitive to static electricity but also pay attention to avoid humid air. The following are some suggestions from SUBLICOOL for users:

Make sure the dye-sublimation printer is in good working condition.

In order to keep a dye-sublimation printer in good working condition and produce good images, users need to follow the relevant regulations and regular maintenance. Firstly, users need to develop the habit of operating in strict accordance with the instructions and switching the machine on and off correctly. Although it is a simple operation, but also the most important maintenance measure. There are many control keys on the printer panel, as well as the power button.

When the power switch is switched on, the system can be initialized to correctly position the print head and paper. When the system is switched off, it automatically resets the print head and paper. This setting ensures proper printer operation and extends the life of the printer. It also reduces consumables and equipment maintenance costs.

Provide a good working environment

The printhead of the dye-sublimation printer is distributed with more tiny nozzles. The aperture of the nozzles corresponds to the amount of dust floating around. If there is a lot of humidity in the room, the basic instruments of dye-sublimation are prone to rust, and the nozzles are difficult to keep from rusting. In addition, the temperature range of the working environment of the dye sublimation printer should not be too large. If the ambient temperature changes too quickly, the thermal expansion of the components will lead to excessive wear and tear of the mechanical parts. Changes in nozzle aperture size will also affect print quality.

Printhead Maintenance

If the printing time is too long, the ink is not used properly or not used for a long time, the printhead is easily clogged. Of course, the use of poor-quality dye sublimation transfer ink cartridges can also cause the nozzle aperture to clog, affecting print results. However, a long time of printing can not avoid the phenomenon of clogged printheads, which requires us to deal with it in a timely manner. Although the manufacturing process of the printhead is fine, the structure is not complex. Direct contact with the print media on the plane covered with many small round holes.

From the nozzle to the jet hole and around the jet hole, there will often be drying and adhere firmly to the toner or impurities.

When minor clogging is detected, such as normal printing and blurred colors. If printing is still poor and the printhead is severely clogged and cannot be used normally.

After removing the printing car, use a magnifying glass to carefully find the blocked orifice. And use a rubber tube to put on the nozzle of the blocked orifice. Then use a syringe to inject cleaning fluid into the orifice. If necessary, use a hard plastic knife to scrape away the residue on the edge of the orifice. Be careful not to contaminate the electrode during use.

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Maintaining a stable voltage

Voltage also has an effect on the stability of the machine. Usually, before installing the printer, we will be equipped with a regulated power supply. In this way, when the voltage fluctuations, not damage the motherboard and printheads. The space of the printing equipment to maintain a certain temperature and humidity. Usually, the temperature is about 25 degrees Celsius, with humidity in the 50 to 60 best.

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